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The school holidays are just round the corner, if you have yet visit the happiest land on earth, why not take a short flight to Hong Kong and experience the magic for the first time.

Opening May 2008 is the resort's newest attraction, “It’s a small world”
. Two times larger than the Asia scenes at other “It’s a small world” attractions around the world, Hong Kong Disneyland’s version features never-before-seen elements such as the Hong Kong skyline and the Temple of Heaven in China. As part of the expanded Asia scene, Hong Kong Disneyland has created four new versions of the classic theme song “It’s a small world”; new languages include Cantonese, Putonghua, Korean and Tagalog, in addition to the five existing versions of the soundtrack found at other Disney theme parks around the world.

A signature “it’s a small world” element, the Small World Clock Tower dolls, part of Hong Kong Disneyland’s “it’s a small world” attraction, go on parade to mark the passing of a quarter of an hour; inspired by previous “it’s a small world” facades around the world, the Resort’s version features a unique addition, a Chinese Opera Character Toy.

Originally created by Walt Disney and first appearing at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, “it’s a small world” was one of the earliest attractions in history to make use of revolutionary Audio-Animatronics® technology created by the Walt Disney Company at the time. The original artistic designs were created by Mary Blair, a veteran Disney artist, along with Marc Davis an original Disney film animator and Imagineer and the catchy theme song was composed by the Sherman Brothers.

According to David Minichiello, Art Director, Walt Disney Imagineering, “With Hong Kong Disneyland’s version of ‘it’s a small world’, we had the unprecedented opportunity to expand on a classic attraction and seamlessly blend local, regional and international elements.”

For the first time ever, 38 all-new Disney characters dolls and toys will be part of Hong Kong Disneyland’s unique version of “It’s a small world”; found in the countries of their origin. Guests will see Aladdin and Jasmine on their magic carpet in the Middle East scene and meet Woody and Jessie from the Disney/Pixar Toy Story films while sailing by New York’s Empire State Building and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in the Americas scene. Other characters include the lovable duo Lilo and Stitch, Cinderella and her Prince, as well as Marie the Cat.

In addition, inspired by the Disney Channel Original Movie smash hits, High School Musical 1 and 2, Hong Kong Disneyland also launched High School Musical: LIVE!, an ultra high energy interactive street party that invites young Guests to dance and sing like never before.

Performed three times a day, High School Musical: LIVE! features a richly decorated traveling stage with the iconic High School Musical marquee logo, as well as a bevy of hip East High performers. Throughout the show, an emcee and two lead singers will rally the crowd, encouraging Guests to join the fun and even shoot some hoops, as the entourage stops in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The show is also filled with meaningful messages – universal lessons about courage, team spirit, respect and following one’s dream.

Join in the fun with Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker as they roam the Park enjoying personal and spontaneous interactions with Guests of all ages. These inventive scientists encourage Guests to take part in their scientific experiments, invite Guests to ask questions and even talk back to Guests (or ‘squeak’ back in the case of Beaker). Guests may experience some of the onboard special effects, such as water sprayers, smoke and confetti cannons, plus a few unexpected surprises. Their inventions usually go awry and get everyone cracking up on the hilarious mishaps.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort offers immersive, unique Disney experiences for all families, generations and ages to enjoy. Surprise your kids and your love ones this summer! Mickey and friends are waiting.

For more information, please visit hongkongdisneyland.com

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