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(Proceed with caution; the following report might contain minor spoilers)

She strolled into the Singapore Four Seasons Hotel with such grace that you forgot for a minute that she’s the new villain in the latest kick-ass instalment of the Die Hard series. The press present was treated to the first 20 minutes of Die Hard 4.0 prior to Maggie’s arrival.

And for just 20 minutes, we already counted several explosions and round after round of gunshots and of course our gorgeous Maggie Q playing a warped-minded hacker. We were even treated to a really “blow-our-mind-away-super-duper-cool” sequence involving a fight scene between Bruce ‘Yipee-Ki-Kay’ Willis and Maggie. How many times have you seen a car ramming into an elevator shaft? Totally awesome stuff!

In Die Hard 4.0, Maggie Q, 28, plays a former US Government employee who is part of a revolutionary movement which attempts to bring chaos to America and the rest of the world. Bruce Willis returns to reprise his role of John McCLane, who this time round is after a group of Internet-savvy terrorists who threaten the security of the United States. On the July 4th holiday, an attack on the vulnerable United States infrastructure begins to shut down the entire nation. The mysterious figure behind the scheme has figured out every modern angle – but he never figured on McClane - the old-school “analog” fly in the “digital” ointment.

About the opportunity to star in Die Hard 4.0, Maggie Q commented, “I was a total DIE HARD fan--I don’t know anyone who isn’t. It is a great franchise that does not take it itself too seriously. The DIE HARD movies are among the most exciting action films that have ever been made and John McClane is one of those characters everyone roots for. He is such a dude. Men love him and so do women. ”

Maggie’s character is a skilled martial artist, which of course requires her to do a lot of stunt work on set. She proudly declared she did 95% of the stunt work herself except sustaining some bruises and injuries to her hand, she basically ‘escaped’ unscathed.

Expect real hardcore action and John McClane’s sardonic sense of humour comes July 5th. Of course, a chance to watch Maggie’s second Hollywood appearance on the big screen after last year “Mission Impossible III”.

While you are here, treat yourself to more beautiful photos of Maggie and enjoy the video clip as well. Yipee-Ki-Kay!

Die Hard 4.0 opens 5 July and is reviewed here

Report: Linus Tee | Photos: Lokman BS | Video: Richard Lim Jr
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