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Deuce Bigalow: Singaporean Gigolo Grand Finale

“Gigolos Unite!”

A Singaporean gigolo you ask? Can’t bear to imagine having our own Rob Schneider amongst us? Well, if you were at Gotham Penthouse on 6th October 2005, you might just have walked into the set of the Singapore edition of Deuce Bigalow!

Columnists from MovieXclusive.com were caught in the heat of the action (and we do mean heat) that evening when they were invited to the Grand Finale of the search for Singapore’s gigolo in conjunction with the release of the Deuce Bigalow sequel. The event was presented by Columbia Pictures and partners which included the likes of durex, Singapore FHM and Power 98FM.

Invited guests started arriving from 645pm and after completing registration, they mingled in the lobby. While this happened, the durex mascot, which by no surprise, a life-sized condom made its appearance much to the delight of everyone! And of course, our friend was dishing out free condoms from a basket.

Soon enough, the doors were opened and the guests were ushered into the club. Shortly, the place was packed to the brim and the crowd grew restless easily awaiting the event to start proper. Realizing this, the invited guests were served appetizers. Oh, and we don’t mean in the form of food.

Those who were seated along three sturdy tabletops were in for an upclose and personal treat as dancers from ‘thebodytalks’ took turns turning up the heat for both the ladies and men! They then disappeared as abruptly as they entered and the audience was introduced to the hostess or as she called herself, the vixen of the evening, MTV VJ, Denise Keller, dressed in a dominatrix inspired outfit.

Denise did not waste any time in getting the crowd going, or the ladies at least. Almost immediately, she introduced the first gigolo of the evening out of fourteen who signed up! The temperature in the club soared as the contestant, an Elvis impersonator jiggled his way through. The rest of the contestants came out in all shapes and sizes, from the skinny to the rotund and surely their respective styles ranged from the plain, the exotic, the pseudo-therapeutic and the downrightly kooky. How so you ask? Imagine the Usual Suspects being lined up with a yoga instructor, a pharaoh and an Austin Powers inspired Daddy Gigolo.

While the men may lament about the lack of action for their liking, the majority must have been cursing their luck when three volunteers were treated to a personal lap dance by dancers from ‘thebodytalks’! When this short segment ended, the audience was reminded that it was ladies night afterall as the rest of the contestants did their thing!

There were two awards given out Thursday night. The title of Singaporean Gigolo and the Ladies Choice Award. Who would’ve thought the Pharaoh, CK, would be the luckiest guy that evening?! While the Gigolo award was determined by the judges, the Ladies Choice one was strictly limited to the ladies! All they had to do was to stuff Deuce Bigalow notes (distributed upon entrance) into the knickers of the contestant of their choice.

It was quite a sight to see the ladies clamouring to stuff those notes into CK’s briefs, determining his win. The lucky fellow won a one night stand, I mean, stay at the Ritz Carlton and a trip to Amsterdam where the movie is held. To top the night, the rest of the cheeky contestants couldn’t resist tugging at CK’s briefs, which quite rightly revealed a little too much. All the guys in the audience could do was wince and the girls, well; they almost literally brought the roof down!

Deuce Bigalow himself could not have done it any better! And oh, we do hope someone would check if the dance poles are in good condition.

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo opens in theatres 13th October 2005 and is reviewed here.

Reported by: Mohamad Shaifulbahri
Photos Credit: Richard Lim Jr, Stefan Shih and Lokman B S
Layout by: Linus Tee

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