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Korean Mega-Star Jeon Ji Hyun of My Sassy Girl was in town recently to promote her latest film Daisy and Moviexclusive.com was there to report on the Q&A session with the Korean Mega-Star at IMM.

For those who are unaware of this film, Daisy resolves around the love triangle between an artist (Jeon Ji Hyun), a contract assassin (Jung Woo-Sung) and an Interpol police officer (Lee Sung-Jae) with the picturesque Amsterdam as the background.

One of the prominent differences Daisy had from the other Korean films was their director Hong Konger Andrew Law and scriptwriter Felix Chong. Andrew Lau’s Infernal Affairs was very well received in Korea and Jeon Ji Hyun was excited at being part of the first chance to work with this well known Asian Director. After working with him, Jeon Ji Hyun is full of praise for the Hong Kong director and describes him as an adorable director who allows the actors a lot of freedom to perform. He also has helped to nurture a different facet of Jeon Ji Hyun and she is very pleased with the results of their teamwork.

Her co-star and fellow colleague in her management company, Jung Woo-Sung wasn’t able to attend the Singapore Press Conference, as he is currently busy with another film project. Jeon Ji Hyun shared with us the fact that they had collaborated for commercials previously for the past 4 to 5 years, therefore building a strong rapport between them, plus the revelation that he is basically a Mr Nice Guy. Daisy also marks their first movie alliance.

With the director and fellow actors, they have helped her to overcome the difficulties of this film project. One of the most challenging aspects about Daisy would be the near-impossible-to-resolve love triangle. The challenge lies in capturing the emotions of the girl torn between two important men of her life. The difficulties were pushed further in the middle of the film when her character loses all vocal abilities, which is strikingly different from her previous roles. Initially she was expecting that miming with a given script would be a hurdle but she actually found it wasn’t that difficult to perform the miming parts at all, especially with the help of the directors and her fellow co-stars.

The most memorable part of filming Daisy for her happens at the countryside with a small stream, which she would be required to drop into. The water looks extremely clean and pristine as the audience would see in the movie but Jeon Ji Hyun was horrified to see that cows were reliving themselves further up the river as they moved up the stream for other scenes. Speaking of cows, a newborn calf was named Daisy after the movie and Jeon was one of those who witnessed Daisy’s birth.

She found that her criteria for her ideal lover are very familiar to the character that she played in Daisy. Both her character and she feels that fate plays a big factor in her love life and as long as she is touched by the guy’s gesture, the status or financial background will not have any bearings. For now, it is just a matter of chance and although she has had experience of love before, right now she is anticipating the arrival of love when the time and feeling is right. When asked which leading male character in Daisy will she choose as her ideal partner, she told us that she would make a greedy choice and choose a combination of both.

When asked if she receives flowers everyday from a admirer like her character in Daisy and the type of flowers she likes, she reveals that she has had received very few flowers so far and tress ranks far above flowers in her opinion. However, while filming Daisy, she has begun to take a liking to daisies.

Jeon Ji Hyun is not worried to be constantly remembered for her role in My Sassy Girl. Her reply was that every actor will have a film that represents the best work or the breakthrough role for him or her and her role in My Sassy Girl was that for her. She will continue to showcase better work in time to come but will not be feeling upset that she might be stuck in that genre of roles or being recognized primarily for that role.

Regardless of whether she is known as one of the most bankable artist in Korea or being named as the most electrifying eyes in Hong Kong, she feels that it is more important for her to improve on her acting skills and giving her 100% to produce better work for her fans.

Diverting to her thoughts to Singaporean fans, Jeon is very happy to have the chance to finally meet them and didn’t expect the massive number of fans here in Singapore, expressing apologetic concerns that she should have been here earlier to thank them for their relentless support for Korean films.

In conjunction with the movie, IMM held a sketch contest and the artist of the winning sketch went home with Daisy memorabilia: a dvd player and other goodies. The winning sketch was autographed by Jeon Ji Hyun and will be auction off.

Daisy opens on the 27th April 2006.

Report: Richard Lim Jr | Photos: Lokman B S | Layout: Lokman B S

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