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You almost feel sorry for this late night phone interview when 17-year-old actor Shawn Lee tells you that he has just reached home after a long day at school. But when the chirpy Anglo Chinese Junior College student goes on to describe how he laughed at himself while re-watching his children drama shot almost a decade ago, you realize that, yes, he is a kid no more.

“I was so bubbly and open, it almost seems hilarious,” Lee tells Moviexclusive.com over a phone interview in a mix of articulated Mandarin and English.

“I definitely won’t be getting that kind of roles now. I’d be playing teenagers faced with all kinds of relationship problems and challenges.”

In Lee’s latest movie Colour of Hope, which is produced by Jack Neo-founded J Team, he plays a teenager faced with real teenage problems like friendship, loyalty, and every adolescent’s highlight during those teenage years – love.

However, it was not easy for the boyish-looking Lee to shoot those romantic scenes with co-star Chen Chuxuan. He recalls the night when the both of them shot the shooting star scene: “We started filming that scene at 8pm at an area near the Esplanade, and it was after a whole day of filming other scenes. The most difficult thing was that we had to stop every time there was noise from the traffic.

“In the end, we only wrapped at around 2am.”

The fatigue experienced during the 10 intensive days of filming last December did not make the good-natured Lee from praising everyone involved in the movie.

Letting out a heart chuckle in between sentences, he says: “It was very enjoyable although I had to spend Christmas with these guys. And although Eric has been out of action for three to four years, we don’t feel like strangers at all.”

He is referring to his other co-star, Taiwan-born Eric Huang, whom many may remember as the chubby goodie-two-shoes Terry in I Not Stupid (2002). Like Lee, he is no longer the kid you used to know.

“People don’t even recognize me in public anymore,” Huang tells us in his perfect Mandarin over the phone from his home.

“And it’s good because it won’t cause any embarrassment.”

The serious-sounding Huang feels that he has not changed in any way over the years, despite his long absence from movies and television dramas: “I guess it’s natural that we all grow up. One thing that hasn’t changed is my personality.

“I am what I am,” he stresses.

Currently studying hard foe his upcoming GCSE Grade 10 examinations in May, the 16-year-old finds his role in the movie challenging mostly because of the scenes where he had to confess his love to his on-screen crush Cheryl Chan.

“We know each other so well, we keep laughing and it was about 20 takes before we got it right.”

Huang also finds time to play basketball between his current hectic revision schedules. Although he does not have any concrete idea what he wants to be when he grows up, he is definitely passionate about the ball game.

“Basketball is my second life; I really want to improve on it.”

Our advice to the two teenagers? Because you are kids no more, pursue your dreams now because teenage-hood only comes once.

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