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Back in 2005, Stephen Chow paid Singapore a visit with his group of cast members from “Kungfu Hustle”. Fast forward 3 years later at the newly opened 6-stars hotel in town, St Regis, Chow together with co-stars Kitty Zhang and Lee Sheung Ching were present at the press conference of “CJ7”, the latest self-penned, directorial project from the King of comedy.

Chow’s god-daughter, Xu Jiao who played his ‘son’ in “CJ7” unfortunately fell ill prior to the trip, her presence was substituted by newcomer Lee who played the role of disciplinarian Mr Cao in the movie. With his heavily-accented Mandarin, Lee left the media members in stitches with his uncanny answers.

“CJ7” is Chow’s first attempt in doing a family-oriented genre. Exploring a father-and-son relationship through an alien pup, “CJ7” took 2 years to prepare, shoot to being finally released on the big screen. With a budget that is shrouded in secrecy, Chow jokes that his movies are normally not that cheap to make. Further more, it’s not the box-office that the man is concerned about however, it’s the ability to make audience laugh and cry with the onscreen characters that Chow considers an achievement.

With increasing interest in venturing behind the screen, Chow agrees that his focus is now on letting his co-stars sharing the burden of the story rather than solely letting the spotlight shining on him. For the record, the funnyman who saw an UFO once back in HK, believes in the existence of extra-terrestrials.

Rumours are rife on the internet that he’s doing an adaptation of the old Chinese classic, “Journey to the West” for his next project, Chow never confirmed that during the press conference although he disclosed he has several projects in the pipeline.

Contracted under Chow’s production company, Star Overseas, the beautiful Kitty Zhang is schedule to shoot 2 more feature films including one by actor/singer/director Stephen Fung.

The press conference ended with the traditional “lo-hei” ceremony and there goes Stephen Chow with his cast members. While “CJ7” didn’t perform as well as Chow’s previous effort in HK, the box-office of “CJ7” is flourishing in China as we speak. Perhaps we should see Chow’s new project again in 3 years time, hopefully earlier.

“CJ7” opens on 7 Feb and is reviewed here.

Mmmm… did we mention the salmon are pretty fresh?

Report: Linus Tee | Photos: Lokman BS | Video: Richard Lim Jr
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