22 June 2005 (Singapore, Goodwood Park Hotel) -
Title: 4:30
Budget: Estimated $400,000
Locations: Mainly 4

The story will take place in a span of 4 days.

Coincidentally, Royston Tan’s latest film is filled with the number “4”. It has been a year since Tan’s controversial film, “15” emerged on the big screen. Now the talented young director has embarked on his second full-length feature, “4:30”. Jointly funded by Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK), the Singapore Film Commission and Eric Khoo’s Zhao Wei Films. The film stars up and coming Korea actor Kim Young Jun and 12 year old Xiao Li Yuan, a familiar face on several well-known television dramas such as “A Child’s Hope” and Jack Neo’s “Home Run”.

What makes this script so outstanding is the abandon of dialogue usage. Kim and Xiao have to use eye contact and body languages to express themselves as they share only one dialogue throughout the film. A daring approach you might say. Kim who are used to appearing in comical sitcoms and variety shows back in his native land describes through his interpreter that “4:30” is a dark, brooding film and his character is a lonely soul who smokes a lot. He added that because of “4:30”, he has to pick up intensive smoking and he has no wish to continue with it after shooting ends. Royston even chipped in that Kim has to first endure a scene that requires him to smoke continuously for 8 minutes in one take, drawing much laughter from the cozy crowd of media present at Goodwood Park hotel on 22 June.

The down-to-earth director reveals that by casting a Korean actor in “4:30” is a way of saying thank you to the people of Pusan who have all along been very supportive of his works. When asked when the film will premiere? Producer James Toh from Zhao Wei Films commented that the first cut should be ready by September and the film is tentatively scheduled to premiere at NHK Asian Film Festival in the later part of the year.

As NHK only selects four films under it’s bi-annual Asian Film Festival, it’s a great honour and achievement for a Singapore-made film to be supported by them. Notably participants of past years include Siddiq Barmak for “Osama” and Fruit Chan “Little Cheung”.

With post-production works to be done in Thailand by the team from “Last Life In The Universe”, “4:30” which tackles the cross-cultural relationships between a lone tenant and a boy and directed/written by “Asian Hero” (dubbed aptly by Time magazine) Royston Tan, is the next film from our very own Merlion City to watch out for. So is “4” Royston’s lucky number? We should jot it down and ask him when we meet him for the film’s premiere.

Reported by Linus T.


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