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(Renard et l'enfant, Le) (French)

  Publicity Stills of "The Fox & The Child"
(Courtesy of Festive Films)

Director: Luc Jacquet
Cast: Bertille Noël-Bruneau, Isabelle Carre
RunTime: 1 hr 32 mins
Released By: Festive Films
Rating: G
Official Website: www.festivefilms.com/foxandthechild/

Opening Day: 11 September 2008


After the worldwide success of MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, Luc Jacquet invites us on a journey to the heart of a marvellous tale, the extraordinary meeting of a fox and a little girl. Through an exceptional relationship, each reveals its world to the other... A pure emotion, shown in unforgettable images.

One autumn morning, at the bend on a path, a little girl catches sight of a fox. Fascinated to the point that she forgets all fear, she dares to go up to him. For an instant, the barriers that separate the child and the animal disappear.

It is the beginning of the most amazing and of the most fabulous of friendships. Thanks to the fox, the little girl discovers a wild and secret environment. And so begins an adventure which will change her life, her vision and ours…

Director Luc Jacquet’s film will offer audiences an unprecedented journey into the magical, secret world of this most elusive and enigmatic creature. An adult female narrator (Isabelle Carré) will relate the tale as a memoir of her childhood.

Movie Review:

You may not immediately recognize the name Luc Jacquet but I am certain the very mention of March of the Penguins will make you go, “Ohhh…” Well, The Fox & The Child is Jacquet’s multiple-award winning penguin tale that took the world by storm, even birthing a number of spoofs. The tale of a little girl and a fox might not exactly charm the world as the penguins did but for those who watch it, it will be a nice tug at the heartstrings.

The title is pretty self-explanatory and the relationship between the two titular characters forms the bulk of the movie. Lila, the child lives in the countryside, her house far away from anyone else’s. Her playground is the woods and lush greenery that forms the vast landscape that surrounds the house. On her frequent walks, she spots a fox and this ultimately leads to her adventure of a lifetime.

An adult female narrator, probably Lila, narrates throughout the whole movie with the younger Lila being the only other character who actually has lines throughout the movie. The child’s resilience in wanting to track down the fox leads her to peering into the earths usually occupied by foxes. Jacquet cleverly provides a nice contrast between the lives of both Lila and the fox. Lila’s journey through the unknown is generally happy and carefree (until it gets dark of course) whereas the fox’s journey through her home is one that is filled with danger with predators like wolves, ocelots and hunters lurking around the corner.

Yet, despite the obstacles and dangers both are bound to face in bridging a relationship, they do overcome the odds though not always ending in happiness. Lila manages to stroke the fox despite remembering her father’s advice that such should not be done but her naivety still shows at the end of the day when the decision to tame an animal in the wild may not necessarily produce a wanted result.

The Fox & The Child is a welcome distraction for the children and a movie that is good enough for the whole family to watch. Despite its pace, the movie is never too slow for the children and they will certainly learn a thing or two about god’s wonderful creations. If parents have had enough animation for a while, this is the best bet.

Movie Rating:

(A sweet tale to charm the whole family!)

Review by Mohamad Shaifulbahri


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