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Genre: Comedy/Romance
Director: Jim Field Smith
Cast: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, T.J. Miller, Nate Torrence, Krysten Ritter, Geoff Stults, Lindsay Sloane, Mike Vogel
RunTime: 1 hr 44 mins
Released By: UIP
Rating: NC-16 (Coarse Language & Sexual References)
Official Website: http://www.shesoutofmyleague.com/

Opening Day: 17 June 2010


Kirk (Jay Baruchel, "Knocked Up," "Tropic Thunder"), an average Joe, can't believe his luck. Though he's stuck in a seemingly dead-end job as an airport security agent, against all odds Molly (Alice Eve), a successful and outrageously gorgeous babe falls for him. Kirk is stunned. So are his friends, his family and even his ex-girlfriend. Now he has to figure out how to make the relationship work, even though he's the first to admit "She's Out of My League."

Movie Review:

Admit it. You gather with a bunch of friends and when you are out at dinner, or at the club, the tendency to give the opposite sex a rating out of 10 happens. True? Then such is the premise of this movie. The very comedic and generally dorky Jay Baruchel (How to Train Your Dragon) is Kirk, an airport security staff who encounters a sexy knockout event planner, Molly (Crossing Over). She leaves her phone behind at the security machines and Kirk ends up being her saviour, getting the opportunity to return it to her when she returns from her trip. When he does get to go out with her, everyone else around him finds the set-up to be ludicrous quickly labelling Molly a complete 10 while giving Kirk a rating of 5 setting into motion the idea that Molly is out of his league.

The formula used in the movie is nothing new or original. The whole pretty girl going with a not so handsome guy happens in real life after all but this reviewer supposes that it is the journey the couple goes through that makes the story interesting. The comedy in She’s Out of My League felt a little undecided, it felt like it wanted to go the direction of The 40-Year Old Virgin raunchy but at the same time wanting to hold back, straddling between the PG and NC-16 rating. There is a hilarious scene when the couple start making out and ends up prematurely leading to much problems for Kirk.

Jay Baruchel is finally starting to get leading roles what with Dragon (though it was his voice) and up next, as the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to Nicolas Cage in the upcoming movie of the same name. Moving out of being the friend, he is now the guy who the friends make fun of and he does have a relatively charming appeal on screen making him quite the loveable fellow who the audience would root for. Alice Eve is gorgeous and to die for. She is indeed a ten and more but she also has the “It” factor, nicely playing off Baruchel’s character. She fared pretty well in Crossing Over and does a decent job here. Enough of Megan Fox, more of Alice Eve I say. The rest of the cast does a pretty good job especially Baruchel’s trio of friends who could give The Hangover guys a run for their money in a few years. TJ Miller leads the motley crew and ends up with scene stealing moments from time to time with his antics.

This movie fits nicely with all the other similar comedies in its category. Pretty watchable with hilarious moments placed throughout the length of the movie, ensuring enough laughs. Not exactly a table topper but finishes mid-table quite comfortably.

Movie Rating:

(Nothing too out of anyone’s league to be watched, a good laugh!)

Review by Mohamad Shaifulbahri


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