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COLD SHOWERS aka Douches Froides (FRENCH)

  Publicity Stills of "Cold Showers"
(Courtesy from Festive Films)

In French with English subtitles
Director: Antony Cordier
Cast: Johan Libereau, Salome Stevenin, Florence Thomassin, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey
RunTime: 1 hr 42 mins
Released By: Festive Films & Cathay-Keris Films
Rating: R21 (Sexual Content)
Official Website: http://www.bacfilms.com/site/douchesfroides/

Released Date: 10 November 2005

Our Interview with Salome Stevenin, star of COLD SHOWERS


Selected at the Directors' Fortnight in Cannes along with Eric Khoo's "Be With Me", "Cold Showers" is a sensible coming-of-age story, following Mickael (Johan Libereau), who was happy with his stunning girlfriend Vanessa, was the judo team's captain and was preparing for his baccalaureate exams. "Cold Showers" tracks these three months of change, a small beginning on the road from adolescence to adulthood. On the menu: sex in a threesome, jealousy, rivalry and discipline in sports, another episode in his parents' rocky marriage and how to live without electricity.

Movie Review:

In this coming-of-age tale, the movie title “Cold Showers” could represent the unpleasant awakening for Mickael from one stage of his life to another. The movie commence with Mickael taking his English oral exam, reflecting on the changes in his life during the recent three months and perhaps his encounter with his first major failure in life.

Mickael comes from a family, which has difficulties in making ends meet. His father is an alcoholic who is not earning enough money for the household and his worrisome mother who drastically reduces the cost of expenses by turning off the heater and thus the Cold Showers.
Even though there are financial difficulties at home, Mickael is happily attached with Vanessa (Salome Stevenin) and is leading his school’s judo team, which got into the final international rounds. The turning point for Mickael’s life begins when the sponsor for the judo team wants Mickael to train with his son, Clement. Although both families status lies at the different end of financial wealth, they soon form a strong bond as they trained hard for the international judo championship.

As the poster and synopsis highlighted, both Mickael and Clement would eventually consummate a ménage a trois with Mickael’s girlfriend. All was fine and dandy until jealously rears it’s ugly head unexpectedly and pushes Mickael to an envious rage, resulting in a painful lesson in life.

It’s an impressive full-length directorial debut for short film documentary maker, Antony Cordier who manages to weave a well-crafted tales that comes from experiences of his own and those who are closed to him. Even though this tale was rather predictable, the trio of young actors gave such a raw and authentic performance that brings you into their dilemma and problem face in their youth, especially Mickael, played by newcomer John Libereau.

Although Cold Showers is a cautionary tale for the youths, the threesome and full frontal nude scenes will most likely restrict them from entry into the theater. Leaving those aged twenties and above to relate on their youth gone by and perhaps on the journey they made to adulthood.

Movie Rating:

(Cold Showers is a refreshing awakening for the transition of life )

Review by Richard Lim Jr


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