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24 HOURS OF ANGER (Singapore)


Genre: Thriller
Director: TT Dhavamani
Cast: Vishnu, Sivakumar, Mathialagan, Rajesh Kannan, Gunalan Morgan, Prakash Arasu
RunTime: 2 hr 5 mins
Released By: Golden Village
Rating: TBA

Official Website: http://www.gurushetram.com/

Opening Day: 8 April 2010


Set in contemporary Singapore, Gurushetram - 24 Hours of Anger, is a sinuously provocative, edge-of-your-seat thriller about Prakash who is brought up in a particular segment of the working-class Indian society lined with the wreckage of broken families and dreams. Prakash, a 17 year old teenager, losing his family, seeks shelter with his uncle Vinod, the head of a drug ring, with his mentally challenged younger brother. The two teenagers emerge as pivotal accomplices in Vinod's clandestine drug operations.

Unbeknownst to Vinod, an adamant narcotics police superintendent is hot on their heels after receiving a string of tips offs from an anonymous informant. An earnest social counselor tries to reach out to Prakash and his brother but meets resistance from those within and outside the law. Both the law enforcers and Vinod want a piece of Prakash and his defenseless sibling in a world fraught with peril, double-crossings and deceits. Prakash has no choice but play his final card to salvage the situation and protect his brother once and for all.

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