Results for the 39th Hong Kong Film Awards were announced in a live stream on social media channels on Wednesday due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's the first time in the competition’s 39-year history to scrap the usual star-studded awards:

Best Film: Better Days

Best Director: Derek Tsang (Better Days)

Best Screenplay: Lam Wing Sum, Li Yuan, Xu Yimeng (Better Days)

Best Actor: Tai Bo (Suk Suk)

Best Actress: Zhou Dongyu (Better Days)

Best Supporting Actor: Cheung Tat Ming (i’m livin’ it)

Best Supporting Actress: Patra Au Ga Man (Suk Suk)  

Best New Performer: Jackson Yee (Better Days)

Best Cinematography: Yu Jing Pin (Better Days)

Best Film Editing: Cheung Ka Fai (Ip Man 4 The Finale)

Best Art Direction: Cheung Siu Hong (Fagara)

Best Costume and Makeup Design: Dora Ng (Better Days)

Best Action Choreography: Yuen Wo Ping (Ip Man 4 The Finale)

Best Original Film Score: Eman Lam (My Prince Edward)

Best Original Film Song: Fly(少年的你) (Better Days)

Best Sound Design: Lee Yiu Keung George, Yiu Chun Hin (Ip Man 4 The Finale)

Best Visual Effects: Yee Kwok Leung, Ma Siu Fu, Leung Wai Man, Ho Man Lok (The White Storm 2 Drug Lords)

Best New Director: Norris Wong Yee Lam (My Prince Edward)

Best Film From Mainland and Taiwan: 大象席地而坐 An Elephant Sitting Still