Here's the winners of the 37th Hong Kong Film Awards which was held last night at the Cultural Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui:

Best Film: Our Time Will Come

Best Director: Ann Hui, Our Time Will Come

Best Screenplay: Sylvia Chang, You Xiao-Ying, Love Education

Best Actor: Louis Koo, Paradox

Best Actress: Teresa Mo, Tomorrow Is Another Day

Best Supporting Actor: Philip Keung, Shockwave

Best Supporting Actress: Deanie Ip, Our Time Will Come 

Best New Performer: Ling Man Lung, Tomorrow Is Another Day

Best Cinematography: Jason Kwan, Chasing The Dragon

Best Film Editing: Ka Wing Li, Chasing The Dragon

Best Art Direction: Billy Li, Our Time Will Come

Best Costume and Makeup Design: Bruce Yu, Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back 

Best Action Choreography: Sammo Hung, Paradox

Best Original Film Score: Joe Hisaishi, Our Time Will Come

Best Original Film Song: Ronald Cheng, "An Unheard Melody"

Best Sound Design: George Lee, Paradox

Best Visual Effects: Henri Wong, Eric Xu, Wu Kong 

Best New Director: Kearen Pang, 29+1

Best Film From Mainland and Taiwan: The Great Buddha+