Additional Screenings added for SAVING MR WU

Due to overwhelming response , we are pleased to inform that Shaw Organization has added additional screenings for SAVING MR WU. Directed by Ding Sheng, starring Andy Lau, Wang Qian Yuan, Wu Ruofu and Liu Ye, the highly acclaimed crime thriller was released in Singapore on 1st October with a total of 11 print count.

Last weekend, Shaw Organization has added 2 screenings at Shaw Bugis and Shaw Seletar, and will be adding another screening at Shaw Lido starting from 8 October 2015! The total print count for SAVING MR WU will stand at 14 starting from 8 October onwards!

The movie, based on a true crime story, has also received two nominations for the 52nd Golden Horse Awards. Actor Wang Qian Yuan and Director Ding Sheng has been nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best Film Editing” respectively.


Andy Lau sings the theme song for SAVING MR WU

The MV for the theme song for SAVING MR WU is revealed at a recent press conference. Leading star Andy Lau provides a heartfelt rendition of the oldie, "Clown" composed by renowned singer-songwriter Liu Chia Chang.

SAVING MR WU focuses on the abduction of Wu Ruofu, a Hong Kong film star, in 2004. Despite the cruelty of his abductors, Wu demonstrates an extraordinary calm that makes him more than just another kidnapping victim, aided by the brave actions of the police. The movie will be released by Shaw and Clover Films on 1 October.