Genre: Horror
Director: Chookiat Sakverakul
Cast: Porama Imanothai, Focus Jeerakul, Chonnikarn Netjui, Kittisak Patomburana
Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins
Rating: PG13 (Horror)
Released By: Cathay-Keris Films and Clover Films
Official Website: 

Opening Day: 27 November 2014

Synopsis: Three months ago, a couple, Nott(Porama “Panjan” Imanothai) and Pla (Focus Jeerakul) gets into a fatal motorcycle accident where Pla died. Feeling guilty and despair over his girlfriend death, Nott tries to find ways to meet his Pla again, even if it means seeing her as a ghost.

The young man sets out to find a way that will enable him to open his eyes to the realm of the dead. He finally joins a body-collecting unit – a volunteer work that deals with picking up the corpses. Nott secretly collects personal objects of dead people who die of violent deaths, in the hope that they would help him to make contact with the spirits – and thus he would be able to see Pla again. Meanwhile, his friends who share the house with him encounter creepy incidents that prompt them to move out. Only MODTA (Chonnikarn Netjui), a female friend, understands Nott’s suffering and tries to help him.

Nott’s close friend, JOHN (Kittisak Patomburana), who works at the body-collecting unit with him warns Nott to stop trying and quit all the dark activities because they’re too dangerous. Nott doesn’t listen to him, and instead he intensifies his efforts to contact the world of the spirits. All he wants is to confront the most vicious ghosts since he believes it’s the only way he’ll be able to talk to Pla again.

Love and guilt drive Nott to take the most dangerous step. What he doesn’t know is that Pla has been watching him from the “other side”. The fate of the two young lovers are forever entwined in life and in death.

Movie Review:

As much as eyes are windows to the soul , what is it about Thai horror films for directors and screen writers to have so much affection towards peepers in general?

Just as what demons, paranormal recordings and sinister presence in homes are to a Hollywood horror number, knee-slappingly hilarious scenes, peek-through-your-finger moments and overly done CGI own The Eyes Diary.

Directed by Chookiat Sakverakul, the 33-year-old behind the success of Love of Siam, The Eyes Diary is a paranormal Thai film that essays the voluntary stabs of one reckless young man (Porama Imanothai) to reach out to his lover from the other realm. An accident that leads to countless others resulting in his indulgence of creepy acts of theft from the dead (think finders, keepers) that leaves them hanging around his abode in the most undesirable sense. His friends too realise that the house becomes overly crowded with the presence of uninvited beings. But little did he know that his dead beau is already watching his every effort in vain.

The plot goes headfirst into what the very practical yet selfish lead male does to salvage his communication with his already dead girlfriend. The characters are a little quirky in their own ways and just like a group of friends is a prerequisite for any Thai or teen horror much, the cast mates deliver accordingly and colourise the storyline. Lagging a little in plot somewhere in the middle, the film went for a apocalypse-que kind of end leaving you mildly shocked.

101 minutes of jump-in-your-seat moments with some blues popping every now and then reminding us that love too knows how to be self-seeking while in flesh and blood. 

Be warned of the boom-box sound effects though, because it builds up from a low drone to a crescendo, quickening your heartbeat and heightening anticipation to an all-new high. With a good throw of droll scenes and realistically daunting stuff that portray the life of the dead, The Eyes Diary makes a good Thai horromance flick to catch.

Watch this if you had liked: Possessed (2013).

Movie Rating:

(Although the theatrical poster may make it seem like any other regular movie from the aforementioned genre, it is still modern, and stands out for its quixotic factor. May not be a serious cookie-cutter supernatural drama like Shutter or Alone but a fresh cocktail of romance, forbidding theme and comedic chops awaits you. Still wondering whose eyes are able to keep a journal? Last warning)

Review by Asha Gizelle M



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