Genre: Horror/Comedy
Director: Muzzamer Rahman 
Cast:  Nabil Aqil, Han Zalini, Ika Nabella, Fabian Loo, Arwind Kumar
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins
Rating: NC16 (Violence)
Released By: Shaw Organisation
Official Website: 

Opening Day: 17 September 2020

Synopsis: For their graduation project, Abbas (Nabil Aqil), Yang Guo (Fabian Loo), Linda (Ika Nabella), Amir (Han Zalini), Sivar (Arwind Kumar) decided to shoot a horror film. They are known as a bunch of ragtag and their final project is important as it will determine their passing of the course. The group started shooting at a reputable haunted house. Since a lot is riding on their project, they’ve decided to produce an original movie without the usual horror cliché. Things started to go downhill when they discovered that the house is actually haunted and they are trapped in it. In order to survive and escape the house, they have to rely on each other.

Movie Review:

Do we need another horror flick? Apparently we do, and this one is from Malaysia.

The plot isn’t the most exciting for seasoned horror movie fans. A group of students decide to make a horror movie for their graduation project. They do not think highly of the overused clichés in the genre (you know them: a group of friends get split up, women have to fall while running, dark corridors and basements, mirror scares, malfunctioning mobile networks), and think they can do better.

They buy plenty of what looks like pirated DVDs, do some research and presto – they are ready to shoot a movie. Of course, the chosen location is creepy and looks one hundred per cent haunted. Nonetheless, they face their fears and go ahead with their project anyway. The group of five includes a director, a cameraman, a soundman, a script writer and an actress.

Did we mention that they aren’t exactly the best students in their film class? One dreams of being a social media influencer, one dresses up like a Korean pop star, one is somewhat a lecher – you get the idea. These kids aren’t exactly what you’ll call star students.

The 90 minute movie is easy to sit through because the plot developments play out just as you’d expect them to. Fortunately, the ensemble cast isn’t too irritating and delivers decent performances. Nabil Aqil is the leader of the pack, taking on the role of the somewhat incompetent director. Fabian Loo is the Chinese boy of the group and speaks occasionally in English, while Arwind Kumar and Han Zalini are responsible for making viewers laugh with their goofball antics. Ika Nabella is the only female in the group, and we are guessing that the producers gave her the job of being eye candy.

While in the abandoned house, the group (expectedly) encounters spooky incidents. There is a creaky cupboard, a scary looking doll, torn photographs and a long haired woman who relates a tragic love story. There is an amusing sequence where the characters appear in a flashback that supposedly took place in Korea. Without giving too much away, let’s just say it is a spoof of the popular period Korean dramas that have captured the hearts of many.

Just when we thought the finale with the spirits was downright silly, the movie takes on a serious tone and changes the fate of one of the characters. And it doesn’t end there. The plot goes on to reveal a slightly spine chilling epilogue – scenes which probably earned the movie its NC16 rating.

The title of Muzzamer Rahman’s movie means “I’m not afraid”. While it will not be the scariest horror flick you’ll see, it is an easy way to kill one and a half hours of your time.

Movie Rating:

(This Malaysian horror comedy delivers some chuckle-worthy moments and a decent twist)

Review by John Li


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