IT COMES (来る) (2018)

Genre: Horror
Director: Tetsuya Nakashima
Cast: Nana Komatsu, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Junichi Okada, Haru Kuroki, Takako Matsu
RunTime: 2 hrs 14 mins
Rating: M18 (Sexual Scene and Horror)
Released By: Encore Films
Official Website: 

Opening Day:
14 March 2019

Synopsis: It Comes is a film adaptation of the award-winning horror novel by Ichi Sawamura. It is about a father, Hideki Tahara who seeks help from an occult writer, Kon Nozaki, a spirit medium, Nana Komatsu and a spirit teacher, Higa Kotoko to get rid of “the thing” haunting them. They discover that “the thing” is actually from Tahara’s hometown and he starts to remember a deep forest called “The Mountain” from his childhood. Never mention the name of which mimics voices and forms, "Bogiwan". Or else brace yourself as "It comes" to your mind! ’ family?

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