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Genre: CG Animation
Starring: Christopher Meloni, Victor Garber, Tricia Helfer, Michael Madsen, John Larroquette, Kurtwood Smith, William Schallert, Larry Drake
Director: Lauren Montgomery
Rating: NC-16 (Some Violence)
Year Made: 2009



- Exclusive Sneak Peek of the upcoming DC Universe title "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies"
- From Graphic Novel to Original Animated Movie-Justice League: The New Frontier
- Explore 3 Other DC Universe Animated Movies


Languages: English
Subtitles: English/French
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1/2.0
Running Time: 1 hr 17 mins
Region Code: 3
Distributor: Alliance Entertainment
Official Website:




When pilot Hal Jordan accepts a mysterious , powerful ring from a dying alien creature, it transforms him into a Green Lantern, one of an elite force of heroes who patrol the universe to ensure peace and justice under the leadership of the Guardians of the Universe. Unsure of their newest recruit, the Guardians assign Hal to their most-honored Green Lantern Sinestro for training, unaware that Sinestro wants to overthrow the Guardians and create a new order he'll control. It's a battle of might and willpower as Hal must prove his worth by defeating Sinestro to save the Green Lantern Corps.


As one of the seven core members that make up the Justice League of DC comics, Green Lantern is one of the more prominent characters but yet not as well explored as Batman and Superman. How did Hal Jordan (the most popular human bearer of the Green Lantern ring) become Green Lantern? What the Green Lantern’s power and weakness? Who are the members of the Green Lantern Corps? Lastly who is his archenemy (Batman has his Joker and Superman has his Lex Luthor) and what’s his origin?

Green Lantern First Flight presents a good opportunity to catch up on the Green Lantern mythos. This animation gave a scan through of how Hal Jordan was chosen and after which focus on his induction and first mission with the Green Lantern Corps.

For someone who’s aware of Hal Jordan’s preeminent status in the corps and Sinestro’s villainy in the DC universe, it was surprising and intriguing discovery of how things were during the first mission. Even as a green horn, Hal Jordan’s heroic sensibilities and might revealed itself in time of need. It defines that it’s not super power that define a person but his and sense of righteousness. Sinestro on the other hand, was given a chance to explain how he became Hal Jordan’s archenemy. It’s a path paved with good intention but the flaw in his character made him take a path that’s the direct opposite from Hal Jordan.

Beside the origin of the hero and the anti hero, the rookie mission also delved into the unexpected discomfort of Hal Jordan working with the Guardians of the Universe (the creator of the corps) and Kilowog (the primary trainer of the Corps' newest recruits). First Flight was also filled with unexpected tinge of romance and ultimately unexpected betrayal which made the latter half of this animation quite intriguing to sit through.

The First Flight story was however marred by the manner that it was told. This origin story was told felt like a weird blend of children Sunday cartoon and serious adult animation. On one hand, the story telling felt like it’s been drum down to cater to the kids, making it rather juvenile and predictable. Then there are a fair amount of violence and brutality that parents might not want their kids to watch.

Nevertheless, Green Lantern First Flight is a good and easy introduction to Hal Jordan’s start as a Green Lantern member without the hassle of digging up all those comic back issues. It also helps build the anticipation for the upcoming live action Green Lantern movie that stars Ryan Reynolds.


Sadly the extra features in this dvd had nothing to do with First Flight and it serves more like advertisements for the other Warner DC comics animation that are either in stores or coming soon. All the segments here feature writers, producers, voice talents and various personals promoting the animation feature that they are involved with.

A first look at Superman / Batman: Public Enemies

Taken from the first story arc of the on-going Superman / Batman comics, President Lex Luthor turned the table on Superman and Batman by accusing them of being connected with a Kryptonite asteroid heading towards Earth, making them the enemies of the state.  It was one of the memorable storyline in recent comic history and now, it’s receiving an animation feature.

From graphic novel to original animated movie – Justice League: The New Frontier

An animation adaption of Darwyn Cooke’s DC: The New Frontier. This limited series tried to bridges the gap between the Golden Age and the Silver Age of DC comics with a loving focus on the superheroes characters from both generations. Personally Justice League: The New Frontier was a great spin of the DC superheroes mythos and yet stayed true to their essence which resulted in a fresh take of their history. It is one of the best comic animations that DC comics had presented so far.

Wonder Woman: The Amazon Princess

Just like Green Lantern, this is one important character from DC superheroes stable that does not received her due recognition as compared to Superman and Batman. This feature takes a look at Wonder Woman history and discusses the various issues that she faced in various medium.

Batman: Gotham Knight – An anime evolution

Batman: Gotham Knight is a tie in to the Dark Knight movie, much like how the Animatrix was to the Matrix franchise.  Featuring six stories with Japanese Anime art style, this segment goes in depth on the formation and execution of this project.

Blackest Night: the DC Comics event

An entry that has something to do with the Green Lanterns but then again, it has nothing to do with the First Flight animation.  This is a promo piece of the current mega cross over event happening in the DC comics realm which involves using dead characters and multiple color corps beside the Green. Rather gimmicky if you ask me but apparently it’s selling out like hotcakes and DC comics are churning reprints to satisfy the demands.


This dvd also features trailers for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Ben 10 Alien Force, Bakugan an Batman: Gotham Knight.


There are English Dolby Digital 2.0 or 5.1 audio tracks for you to choose from.



Review by Richard Lim Jr

Posted on 11 October 2009


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