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Genre: Thriller
Starring: Michiko Jimenez, Shane Ryan
Director: Shane Ryan
Rating: Contains nudity and graphic sexual content
Year Made: 2007
Official Website:





- Drive Thru Crime Scene Tour
- Interviews with star Michiko Jimenez and filmmaker Shane Ryan
- 4 Trailers
- 5 Short Films by Shane Ryan




Languages: English
Subtitles: English
Aspect Ratio: -
Sound: -
Running Time: 1 hr 11 mins
Region Code: 3




The term “snuff film” first originated in the early 1970’s. Also known as “white heat” and “the real thing.” In 1975, the FBI investigated rumors of snuff in America. For the past 30 years, thousands of people have claimed that they’ve seen an actual snuff film. To this day it remains an “urban legend.”

This film follows a Ted Bundy-like serial killer, Brandon, and his next victim, Stacy, who is about to become an unwilling participant in Brandon's movie.


This controversially title USA release DVD was sent to Moviexclusive.com for reviewing purposes. A questionable move as it’s unlikely it will be sold in the Singapore market (It’s not that we got good taste but it’s more of a matter that we are more gutless when it comes to mass consumption, though it might lure some curious cats to seek this DVD out). It’s been passed around the MX Stable and apparently it was rather difficult to sit through that no one was able to finish it to give it a proper review.

After the first few minutes, it was obvious why it was so hard to watch this film and it wasn’t because it contains many obscene mind disturbing graphics that make folks press the stop button. It was because it was so badly shot and lacks of any actual thrill or suspense that make this a bad rip-off, snuff film wannabe.

Let’s break this film title into three parts and review how badly it was made.

Firstly, the Amateur bit was overkill here. I know they are trying to get the gritty feel of an actual event in process but they tried too hard. The film was over scratched that it felt fake (does the film makers even know why films get scratch in the first place?). The awkward angles and shaky cams were worse than those you actually get from homemade videos. It actually felt that they are doing it on purpose and took away all the reality horror that made Blair Witch a household name.

The only Amateur mistake that they made correctly was the inclusion of double exposure of another couple getting on. The mistake being that Amateurs actually don’t have the ability to mesh two flicks together in such an expert manner. It only shows that the filmmaker got no idea what to do with the little material he had at hand and tried to include a mild sex scene to spice it up. As again with the nicely made subtitles and the sound effects, it took away the believable factor.

Speaking of sex, the Porn Star bit was a joke here. There are actually two couples having “sex” in this movie. The first one couple had a hot looking blond girl pretending to have sex with this guy. Pretty mild and wasn’t really convincing that actual penetration took place. What does it had to do with this porn star killing? There isn’t really any linkage except to help pad out the long and boring foreplay and “sex” between the victim and the killer.

It was pretty funny that how the “victim” actually jumps onto the killer's vehicle so easily and readily but took so bloody long to be convinced to the “sex” act. Anyway the sex bit between the two leads are so badly done that it’s either they are trying to find ways to hide their “sexual” acts or they never did any research of homemade porn that are available online.

The Killer bit was the part where people should demand their money back. It was far more scary and believable in that short segment shown in Nicolas Cage’s 8mm than it was done here. Don’t be fool by this movie cover which shows a nudie girl tied up in chain or the various poses that were screen capped at the back cover as none of them actually happens. The violence conveniently occurs off screen that everyone (who ever wonder how some special effect shots were made) could easily guess this very old camera trick.

The only thing likeable was the end credits for the killer’s modus operandi (M.O. mode of operation) and how he showcases his crimes to others. Although it’s rather questionable that he remained “uncaught” after leaving so many obvious hints, it was still a nice touch in showing the horror to the unsuspecting folks (though I suspect they would most likely turn it off within the first ten minutes).

If you don’t want to waste your money or effort to catch this, I will reveal the ending to you (Just scroll to the end that comes with a spoiler tag). Part of the friendly service of Moviexclusive.com DVD Review section.

Maybe I am missing the point or maybe there is really a group of consumers that wants to watch this type of film. It has a controversial objective but the thing that made me hate this film was how it chicken out on its own and how it tried to pretend something it wasn’t. In anyway, this piece of “movie” is really a poor excuse to waste any audience’s time / effort and the film that was used.


Yup the extra section actually gets 1/2 star rating more than the film. Mainly because we finally get to see both Shane Ryan and his co star, Michiko Jimenez in a clearer and in colour, talking about the film in the Drive Thru and Interview section. It’s done with amateurish effort but in a brighter and more clearly manner after the mess they call a film.

Also contained in this extra section are the Short Films by Shane Ryan which reassure me that I will never want to watch another “film” that comes with his name in the director credit.

There are also 4 Trailers, 3 of which are for this film and another one call Romance Road Killers (by Shane Ryan again) which is bad in a laughable way.

(Spoiler Ending Starts)
The Killer Brandon would rent videos from stores and return with his “snuff films”. His choice of videos would be those older and smaller (aka unpopular) titles which make the revelation of his crime less prominent and takes a longer time later. Rather ingenious idea if you ask me … as long as the store clerks don’t check the tapes immediately after you return!
(Spoiler Ending Ends)



Review by Richard Lim Jr


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