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DK Publishing
160 Pages
Publisher: DK Adult Revised Edition (September 2006)
ISBN: 0756623049
Price: S$53.55 (Available in Borders)





Welcome to the secret world of James Bond.

Who was the only woman that James Bond ever got married with? How many times did James Bond outwitted his arch enemy Blofeld’s evil schemes? And who is the genius behind James Bond’s wide range of fanciful gadgets that saved the Double-O-Seven agent’s life more than a couple of time?

These are just a few subjects that were touch on in this book about the secret world of James Bond. This book covers every 21 James Bond’s missions with a few pages dedicated to the man himself, the loves of his life, his allies and his power hungry enemies.

Want to recap the unforgettable skydive duel between Jaws and James Bond? You can find the breakdown of the breathtaking action sequence and many others in this Secret World of 007. Ever wonder the structure of the Stealth ship in Tomorrow Never Dies, this book will present an intriguing look into the cross section of the ship and many other villains’ lair and weaponry.

If you ever wonder what modification was made to James Bond’s ride, don’t fret as they are all in here too. Among the handful of cars’ specification that’s mention in this book, there’s the memorable Wet Nellie, James’ Lotus Esprit that transformed into an armed submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me and the BMW Z8 equipped with missile system in The World Is Not Enough.

And of course, this book didn’t forget to mention the desirable ladies that appeared in each James Bond missions. From the infamous Jill Masterson who died after being painted gold in Goldfinger to ladies with unforgettable names like Octopussy, Plenty O’Toole and Christmas Jones, their exploits with the suave agents are all accounted in juicy details here.

Last but not least, this new edition also contains features on Die Another Day and Casino Royale, two of the most recent James Bond movies. While the book revealed all the ending and secret(s) of each mission, Casino Royale which just hit the cinemas only receive 2 pages mention which reveal nothing more than the players and the basic set up of this latest James Bond mission. There’s nothing to worry about coming across any spoiler information here about Casino Royale.

If I were to nit pick, the 2 pages on James Bond are too few to get to know James Bond intimately. Even his choice of drinks, the “shaken not stirred” Martini was sorely missing a mention in this “dossier”. This book might not please the hardcore fans but it’s definitely a great jumping board for new or casual fans.


“Countless women have fallen for Bond, irresistibly drawn to his self-confidence, his sense of style, his sardonic humour, and the aura of danger that surrounds him. Yet none is allowed to get too close. For the world of international espionage James Bond inhabits is one in which death may strike at any moment, where no one is truly innocent, where everyone has a secret agenda.”


Although not exactly “The” encyclopedia about James Bond on the shelves, this book is a quick and easy way to recap all James Bond’s mission. All the highlights of the movies / mission are presented in an entertaining and illustrative manner which will appeals to the most casual fans.


The Movies: Still playing up the angle that the secretive James Bond does truly exist in our world, the book continues with the pretense that the James Bond movies were remarkable transition of what had happened to the real secret agent, presenting a novel method in crediting the cast and production team behind each movie.

Review by Richard "Bond" Lim Jr



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