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Arabian Coast

Another section of the theme park that is inspired by a Disney movie, “Aladdin” to be precise. The structures here are faultless and you just can’t help admiring the Arabian coastline. Take a boat ride on “Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage” and experience the latest in animatronics technology and yes you get to smell it too. Bananas anyone? The ride was given a face-lift in 2006 and you will find yourself an instant fan if you loved “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “It’s a small, small world”. I don’t recall Disney doing a Sinbad movie (it’s in fact DreamWorks who did one with a certain Mr Pitt) but anyway just enjoy the song routine and boat ride. After that, go for the 3D show, “The Magic Lamp Theater”. The queue here is slightly longer and the performance of course in Japanese. But fear not, despite the language barrier, the enjoyment is never dissipated.

Lost River Delta

You find yourself deep in some Central American jungle after leaving the Arabian Coast. The time is 1930 and the place is Lost River Delta. This is where things start to get interesting because accordingly, the new Indian Jones movie is based on this ride. Guests are invited to travel on jungle vehicles to access (drumroll please…) the Temple of the Crystal Skull! The sets design is meticulous, cobwebs, skulls and with blasting sound effects, you shouldn’t miss this ride at all cost. I have read from the net that the queue can be quite long but fortunately for me, there isn’t much of a queue to speak of. The ride is approximately 3 minutes long and one of the negative aspect is it moves and rocked too fast at times for you to truly appreciate the effects such as the booby trap. I was expecting some cool Mickey inspired Indiana Jones merchandises when I came out, unfortunately there isn’t anything worth a look, perhaps they are waiting to launch something bigger towards the movie opening. Since I’m not a fan of 360 degree loop coasters, “Raging Spirits” of course is not on my plate. The attraction comes with raging fire effects and waterfall from the exterior and it makes good location for photo shoots.

Port Discovery

Port Discovery looks to the future with its out-of-the-world rides and weird-looking structures. A fantastic attraction here is the combination of sound and visual effects, the “Stormrider”. A stimulator-based ride where you aboard an aircraft flying in the middle of a violet storm. Be prepared to get wet and also beware of some loud sound effects which might frighten the younger kids. Secondly, try the cute, delightful “Aquatopia”, a water-vehicle that will turn, twist on its own. After that, take the DisneySea Electric Railway to American Waterfront, the last section of the theme park.

American Waterfront

The newest attraction at Tokyo DisneySea is none other than “Tower of Terror”. You won’t miss this tall, magnificent structure at American Waterfront. Be prepared to experience a long queue here as it’s a relatively new ride. Thus a fastpass is advisable. Since I’m not a fan of 360 degree coaster and “freefall” ride, I reluctantly have to skip this one. For the less adventurous, you can board the S.S. Columbia, a large- steam-powered luxury liner that resemblances the Titanic. Lots of restaurants and shops can be found here and another perfect location to expedite those space in your SD card.

Before We Exit

Yes, it’s time to top up your Disney ‘supplies’ from the shops at Mediterranean Harbor. Grab a hold on those cute plush, snow globes or snacks packed in what else, Disney containers, they are season-limited so go ahead and tug some home as souvenirs. Alternatively, you can go for a Gondola ride if your legs are feeling a bit shaky and let the cast member serenade you with some love songs. Exit the park and proceed to Bon Voyage, the grandest Disney store in Japan to grab those last-minute purchases. You can choose to settle your dinner at nearby Ikspiari where there is a Planet Hollywood, restaurants, foodcourt, a cinema and yes, a Disney store if you can't get enough of the mouse.

That’s all, folks!

Basically, you can cover most of DisneySea theme park (80% at least, depending on the crowd) in a day. It’s a pity I didn’t have time to stop for the parades at the harbor or experience the night's fireworks display due to an extreme stormy weather towards dusk. However, it’s still a fantastic place to be and once again, proven the Disney Imagineers’ boundless imagination. DisneySea is rated among the top ten most visited theme park in the world. Mark it down on your calendar and experience it yourself when you visit Japan!

Some Useful Information

- Disney characters do appear at the park and depending on your luck, you might not necessary encounter the fab four. The more popular the character is, the bigger the mob. Please remember to give in to the excited kids, I hope it won’t be overshadowed by the KID in you.

- If you worry about your less than perfect Japanese or like me, can’t even utter a word other than “Sayonara”, fret not, the Japanese cast members and crew are more polite, helpful than anyone you will ever met. In addition, be amazed at how fast the cleaners appear out of nowhere to take out that piece of litter, it’s really really amazing!

- Your own personal food and drinks are not allowed in the premise. There’s hotdog, snack and drink stands situated all around the park so bring more yen along instead. You won’t resist that "kawaii" popcorn bucket.

- A standard night at Disney Hotel Miracosta and Disney Ambassador Hotel will cost you around SGD$400 on the average. That is almost twice the price of a four stars hotel in town.

- Park normally opens from 10am to 10pm on weekdays and 9am to 10pm on weekends. However, weekends tend to be more packed and queues of course will be longer, so it’s more advisable for tourists to avoid them.

- Admission cost 5800 Yen (SGD$76) for a day-pass or 10, 000 Yen for a 2 day passport (SGD$131). Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea is easily accessible by train and subway, journey approximately takes about 30 to 40 minutes from places such as Shinjuku or Shinagawa in central Tokyo.

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