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GV rolled out the red carpet on Thursday 4th Jan 07 for their first gala premiere this year, with the Raintree Pictures production One Last Dance. Having made its debut at Sundance and Cannes, this marks the first screening on home soil, and no doubt the local stars were decked to the nines in black, flashing "killer" looks to celebrate the homecoming of the crime drama.

Fans lined up along the red carpet were eagerly anticipating local television personalities like Jeanette Aw, Ericia Lee, and even Singapore Idol 2006 runner up Jonathan Leong. Directors Kelvin Tong and Royston Tan were also on the guests list, but the loudest cheers were reserved for the lead actors Francis Ng and Ti Lung, who made it down the red carpet with their spouses in tow. They also made time at the podium for a short Q&A session, which you can experience in its full glory from the video clip below.

Introductory Comments

Ti Lung (TL) mentioned that he was in Singapore two years ago to make the movie, and hoped that audiences will like One Last Dance.
Francis Ng (FN) paid tribute to Raintree Pictures, because should this movie first be mooted in Hong Kong, there wouldn't be any interest from investors, unlike in Singapore (with Raintree).

Q: Was it tough making the film in Singapore, like the hot weather?
FN: If we were wearing light clothing, it wouldn't be difficult. However, as you can see from the movie, most of us were wearing thick clothing, and that's tough.
TL: For me, my scenes are shot mostly at night, so I would spend the morning catching up on sleep. I like the cleanliness of Singapore, and I like the parks here, which allows for pet dogs to be brought in, unlike in Hong Kong.

Q: Would you like to stay in Singapore for the long term then?
TL: My wife likes the food here, like Hainanese Chicken Rice, if she has that frequently, she'll grow fat!
FN: I just watched a local movie - I Not Stupid 2, and I liked the movie, and would recommend friends to watch it. I thought the content of the movie and the cast acting were great.

Q: Did you like any particular Singapore Cuisine?
FN: I have something new every day! I like coffee buns, and also Mee Pok - when in Singapore, you must have noodles!

Q: Was there any communication problems on the set, given the director Max Makowski is Brazilian?
FN: Singapore's a multi-lingual society, so there are people around who can translate one language to another. Max speaks English, and we're not quite good at it. We speak Mandarin with the other crew like the sound recordist. Our dialogue in the movie is in Cantonese, and sometimes he would ask the crew if we (the actors) are speaking our lines in Cantonese correctly (since that is our native language)?!
TL: The director, although young, is very passionate about making the movie. I remember in one scene with kids' ballet, he even worn a tutu and danced together with the kids!
FN: And he has a scene in the movie as well! Like Alfred Hitchcock where they would make cameo appearances, see if you can spot Max Makowski!

Q: Any last words prior to the screening of the movie?
FN: To switch off your mobile phones!
TL: I'm grateful and thankful to the audience who turned up tonight for the premiere.

MovieXclusive.com caught up with One Last Dance lead actors Francis Ng and Ti Lung on one on one interviews. See what they have to say about their new movie!

One Last Dance premieres nationwide 11 Jan 06!

Reported & Video(Gala) by Stefan Shih | Video(interview) by Mohamad Shaifulbahri | Photo by Lokman BS | Interview by John Li
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