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25 November 2008, 12.30pm at Orchard Cineleisure KBox

Thirty four year old singer Shino Lin didn’t think she could do it, but when Taiwanese film Cape No. 7 began playing in theatres, she heaved a big sign of relief because she knew this movie is has changed her life greatly.

"The movie has had an enormous impact on my life. It is like accomplishing Mission Impossible. I didn’t believe I could actually complete filming," the enthusiastic Lin exclaims in Mandarin when movieXclusive.com asks her about how the phenomenal picture has changed her during an interview.

Like her co star Van Fan, this is the first time Lin is acting in a movie. She plays a single mother in the Wei Te-sheng directed film.

"My mother is a single parent, so when I was approached to play this role, I really didn’t know whether I could meet the director’s expectations. Further more, I’m not a good daughter myself," Lin says with a tinge of sentiment in her voice.

In Singapore with Fan and her other co star Chie Tanaka to promote the phenomenal Taiwanese film, Lin credits her restrainedly heartfelt performance to the director, whom she affectionately refers to as 'Director Xiao Wei'.

When Lin decided to take up the challenge to play the housekeeper, she knew that she would not have as much screen time as her co stars, but her final scene with Tanaka was a pivotal one that brings the story to a climax. With this in mind, she made Wei promise that he would not reprimand her during the process of filming the movie.

She recalls what she said to the soft spoken Wei: "I told him that he can teach me, and I will learn with all my heart. Just do not scold me.

"And I’m happy that he is a man who keeps his promises," chuckles Lin good-naturedly.

She goes on to explain that she did not have the confidence to play the role initially, and was worried that if tempers flew during the shoot, it would only make her more anxious, wasting everyone else’s time in return. However, upon looking back, she did not regret her decision to be part of the movie.

Putting it across very aptly, she says: "There can be many small episodes in one’s life. But all it takes is to be part of something as important as this, and this is all that matters."

Another impact the movie has on her is the mother daughter relationship portrayed in the film.

She discloses: "I used to dislike kids, but after working with Joanne Yang (who plays her daughter in the movie), I’ve experienced how wondrous a child’s mind can be – it’s almost unimaginable how inspiring they can be.

"Which is why, I feel that it is very important to instill the right values into children today," she rounds up nicely.

Being a singer herself, why aren’t there any of Lin’s contributions on the movie soundtrack album?

Almost immediately, she jots down the URL of her website shino.com.tw and tells us that her rendition of the affecting track "For Daughter" can be heard there. From her keenness to share her music, you can be sure she won’t be giving up singing anytime soon.

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Report & Photos: John Li & Linus Tee
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