IN THE ROOM music videos

Two music videos are specially created for Eric Khoo’s IN THE ROOM. As a throwback to bygone decades, like what the film does, the music videos were created in the old-fashioned karaoke style!

In the 60s-themed vignette “Listen”, a band Desker 5 celebrates the success of their new single In This Room in a drug-fuelled, orgiastic party. The music video of In This Room features extended black-and-white footage of the Desker 5’s performance in the film, with George Young in the role of the band’s lead singer.

A melancholic ballad, Leave This Room speaks of love and longing. Few of the poignant moments from the film were selected for this music video to paint a picture for the lyrics.


IN THE ROOM Set For Release On 25 February 2016

Encore Films is pleased to announce that Singaporean auteur Eric Khoo’s film IN THE ROOM will be commercially released with a R21 rating in Singapore on 25th February.

The film made its rounds in the international festival circuit to strong audience applause, before hitting home at the 26th Singapore International Film Festival, where the controversy on the censorship edits begun and resulted in the film’s near-exemption from commercial release locally. Stringing together six different narratives, IN THE ROOM guides us through decades of love, life, and lust, experienced by various individuals in a hotel room of the Singapura Hotel, a ritzy establishment that gradually crumbles to disreputable ruins. The film features an international cast such as Hong Kong actress Josie Ho, South Korea’s Choi Woo Shik, Malaysian Lawrence Wong, and Singaporean actor George Young, each in bold explorations of sexual mores in changing times.

IN THE ROOM will first release in Singapore, followed by Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries.