MY EGG BOY DVD (我的蛋男情人) (2016)

SYNOPSIS: Thirty-something office worker Mei Pao (Ariel Lin) works for a frozen food company, and believes that freezing technology can preserve everything, including love. After her boyfriend suddenly breaks up with her, she decides to preserve her chance of happiness by freezing her egg. While developing a new product, Mei Pao meets chef and restaurant owner A Shi (Rhydian Vaughan), who hates frozen food and only uses fresh ingredients. For his own reasons, he has given up on the thought of love. Because of their contrasting beliefs, the two often get into arguments, but soon an unlikely bond begins to form between them. Can Mei Pao's frozen love finally be melted, and will her frozen "Egg Boy" ever see the light of day?


Attention to all singles out there, if you prefer the squeaky-clean and totally ageless Taiwanese beauty Ariel Lin starring in a romantic drama/comedy instead of an edgy crime thriller liked The Mysterious Family then My Egg Boy is the perfect antidote to cure your loneliness.  

Pairing up for the first time with British-Taiwanese Rhydian Vaughan (Monga), My Egg Boy tells the story of the newly single Mei-Bao (Lin), a product tester who works for a frozen food company and her decision to freeze her eggs after her career cost her to lose a relationship. Before long, she starts to fall in love with A-Shi (Vaughan), an up-and-coming chef who has a hatred for frozen food and probably all things frozen.  

Just when you thought it’s going to somehow degenerate into a predictable romantic premise with location shooting in icy cold Scandinavia thrown in, director and writer Fu Tien-Yu actually has much more to say in her first commercial big release. She smartly uses food as metaphors to talk about one’s biological clock and stuff. My Egg Boy is well craft, meaningful and takes its time to build up to a sentimental climax that is more heartfelt than clichéd.

Running parallel to Mei-Bao and A-Shi’s bumpy romance is a subplot involving her Egg boy (Zhan Huai-Yun) and his friendship with a fellow Egg girl (Lyan Chen) in the fertility clinic. It’s a fantasy scenario no doubt but it dissects and discusses the outlook of our current society from their point of view. Once a while, Mei-Bao also opens up her heart and talks to her own Egg boy. It’s a quirky way of imparting life lessons and you can’t deny it’s cutely endearing for the most part.

My Egg Boy is blessed with two solid leads. Ariel Lin needs no further introduction if you are a fan of her Taiwanese dramas and the charming Rhydian Vaughan fully embodies a character that has a tragic past of his own. Newly crowned best supporting actress Elaine Jin turned up in a small role as Mei-Bao’s supportive mum. As always, her excellent acting outshone the limitations of her role.

Instead of presenting to you a straightforward and frivolous comedy, this movie outing turned out to be a pretty meaningful and inspiring romantic drama. The great looking pair plus the mesmerizing cinematography by one of Wong Kar Wai’s long-time cinematographers, Kwan Pung-Leung is a sight to behold. Despite the silly sounding title, you won’t be disappointed by Fu Tien-Yu’s My Egg Boy.




The DVD 5.1 audio track boasts clear dialogue and in a mood for love soundtrack. Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin contributed to the theme song which can be heard during the ending credits. Image is generally solid and sharp although certain scenes are intended to be soft.  



Review by Linus Tee



Genre: Romance/Drama
Starring: Ariel Lin, Rhydian Vaughan, Zhan Huai-yun, Elaine Jin, Wu Nien Jen, Frankie Huang, Lyan Cheng, Xie Ying Xuan, Bai Jing Yi, Fu Meng Bo
Fu Tien-Yu
Year Made: 2016
Official Website: 


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Languages: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese

Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Sound: Dolby Digital 
Running Time: 1 hr 53 mins
Region Code: 3