ALADDIN - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2019)

If you, like this reviewer, has been a fan of the original Aladdin soundtrack since its release in 1992, you may be skeptical about this updated version. The animated classic is a winner in so many ways, you wonder whether the live action movie will do any injustice to it.

We are happy to report that this is one album you’d want to own if you are a bona fide Disney fan.

The soundtrack features five songs from the animated film, a new tune (cheers to Princess Jasmine), as well as several reprises. Kicking off the lineup is a revised version of “Arabian Nights” performed by Will Smith. The context is quite different from the original. Here, he is a human with his family sailing on a boat and singing about the streets of Agrabah. Mena Massoud then takes over as Aladdin as he runs and pants with “One Jump Ahead”.

Naomi Scott’s female protagonist is put in the spotlight with “Speechless”, the new song that celebrates girl power.  Written by  Pasek & Paul, the songwriting duo behind the music for La La Land, this fiercely feministic song reminds us of “This Is Us” from The Greatest Showman. Of course, the duet “A Whole New World” is as magical as ever (ZAYN and Zhavia Ward perform the end credits version).

The highlights of the soundtrack are Smith’s rendition of the tunes performed by the late Will Smith in the animated film. “Friend Like Me” is highly infectious, thanks to the Smith’s Fresh Prince influence. You’d tap your toes to the energetic number (there is also an end credits version featuring DJ Khaled). “Prince Ali” is a huge number infusing Middle Eastern flavours and Bollywood elements. It is a sequence we want to watch over and over again.

It is also a good thing that Disney brought back Alan Menken, who composed the score and co-wrote songs for the animated film, for this live action movie. There are 25 score tracks that remind fans of the original music, with new elements incorporated.

This is a delightful soundtrack that deserves a place beside the 1992 album.  


Recommended Track: (5) Friend Like Me

Review by John Li


Arabian Nights
One Jump Ahead
One Jump Ahead (Reprise)
Speechless (Part 1)
Friend Like Me
Prince Ali
A Whole New World
One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2)
Speechless (Part 2)
10 A Whole New World (End Title) Performed by ZAYN and Zhavia Ward
11 Friend Like Me (End Title) Performed by Will Smith and DJ Khaled
12 Speechless (Full) Performed by Naomi Scott
13 The Big Ship
14 Agrabah Marketplace
15 Aladdin's Hideout
16 Jasmine Meets Prince Anders
17 Breaking In
18 Returning the Bracelet
19 The Dunes
20 Simple Oil Lamp
21 The Cave of Wonders
22 The Basics
23 Escape From the Cave
24 Prince Ali's Outfit
25 Until Tomorrow
26 Aladdin's Second Wish
27 Never Called a Master Friend 
28 Harvest Dance
29 Jafar Becomes Sultan
30 Hakim's Loyalty Tested
31 Most Powerful Sorcerer
32 Carpet Chase
33 Jafar Summons the Storm
34 Jafar's Final Wish
35 Genie Set Free
36 The Wedding
37 Friend Like Me (Finale)

Artistes: Songs & Music by Alan Menken, Lyrics by Howard Ashman & Tim Rice, New Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, Score by Alan Menken
Walt Disney Records
Release Date: May 22
, 2019

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