OUR TIMES (我的少女时代) - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2015)

Nostalgia has become a commodity, as this album from the hit Taiwanese movie has proven with its track list.

The album contains 10 cues totaling a total runtime of 41 minutes (strictly speaking, songs only take up 33 odd minutes, as the last two four minute tracks are karaoke instrumental cues), and majority of them are hit songs from the 1990s. Andy Lau’s “忘情水” (you’ve gotta love the direct English translation “Potion for Forgetting Love”), Eric Suen’s “认识你真好” (“It is Good Knowing You”) and “爱火” (“Fire of Love”), and Grasshopper’s (the Cantopop boy group reigned the airwaves during their heydays) “失恋阵线联盟” (“Union of Heartbroken People”) are the songs that will make you feeling all fuzzy about the good ol’ days of listening to music on a Walkman (or Discman, if you can afford one). There is also American hip hop artiste MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” for you to bob your head along.

Taiwanese girl group S.H.E’s Hebe sings the movie’s theme song”小幸运” (“Small Happiness”), a track that will be sung by thousands of KTV goers, while imagining that they had a love story as sweet as the one depicted in Frankie Chen’s debut movie. Two other new tracks are Popu Lady’s sweet ”妳说他” (“You Talk About Him”) and Dino Lee’s”我们青春” (“Our Youth”).

The box office hit has earned more than NT$400 million (S$17.1 million), with some obsessed fans watching it more than once in theatres and spamming quotes from the film all over their social media accounts. You can bet they will also lap this soundtrack up, reliving the movie’s moments as they put the songs on repeat.  

While other successful Taiwanese films like Cape No. 7 (2008), You Are The Apple of My Eye (2011) and Café. Waiting. Love (2014) boasted more diverse soundtrack albums (and stronger storylines as well, in this reviewer’s humble opinion), this CD would be flying off shelves, given how people are lapping all things associated with the feel good movie. 


Recommended Track: (1) 
小幸运(电影「我的少女时代」主题曲) / 田馥甄

Review by John Li


小幸运 (电影「我的少女时代」主题曲) / 田馥甄 
忘情水 / 刘德华 
认识你真好 / 孙耀威 
爱火 / 孙耀威 
妳说他 (电影「我的少女时代」插曲) / Popu Lady 
U Can’t Touch This / MC HAMMER 
失恋阵线联盟 / 草蜢 
我们青春 (电影「我的少女时代」插曲) / 李玉玺 
小幸运 (KARAOKE版) 
妳说他 (KARAOKE版) 



Artistes: Various
HIM International Music
Release Date: October 21, 2015