THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2013)

A District 12 warrior as cool as Katniss Everdeen deserves a soundtrack album like this – a compilation of songs featuring music by some of the biggest names in the industry. This 59 minute album has 15 tunes which you’ll be proud to be associated with. After all, who doesn’t want to be as cool as Katniss, or Jennifer Lawrence, for that matter?

The CD kicks off with British alternative rock band Coldplay’s “Atlas”, a lead single which is sweepingly epic, and of course, showcasing Chris Martin’s sexy vocals. Icelandic indie folk pop band Of Monsters and Men brings on “Silhouettes” next, a gritty tune which will please fans of indie music. Australian songwriter singer Sia takes on the diverse “Elastic Heart”, while American rock band The National croons the simple yet melancholic “Lean”.

The popular Christina Aguilera performs the radio friendly “We Remain”, a single which we are sure will sell well with the younger folks. Elsewhere, American alternative rock band Imagine Dragons brings us the quintessential “Who We Are”, and the talented Ellie Goulding sings “Mirror”, a contemporarily soulful tune which sounds somewhat futuristic, an apt setting for The Hunger Games. There are also clever references to the movie in The Lumineers’ “Gale Song” and Patti Smith’s “Capital Letter”. Fans would smile listening to the lyrics, thanks to the soundtrack producers’ ingenious decision to include these songs in the commercially successful album.

This deluxe edition comes with a poster (featuring the every so cool Katniss, of course) and three extra tracks. Miky Ekko and Ammar Malik perform the folksy “Place for Us”, a song easy on the ears. American electric duo Phantogram’s “Lights” is playful and modern, while Antonyand the Johnsons’ “Angel on Fire” brings the album to a close on a hypnotically surreal note.     


Recommended Track: 
 (1) Atlas - Coldplay

Review by John Li