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Genre: Drama
Director: Feng Xiaogang
Andy Lau, Rene Liu, Ge You, Li Bingbing, Wang Baoqiang, Lam Ka Tung
RunTime: -
Released By: Shaw
Rating: PG

Release Date: 16 December 2004

Synopsis :

A WORLD WITHOUT THIEVES evolves around China’s Bonnie and Clyde: Wang Bo (starring Andy Lau) and Wang Li (starring Rene Liu). Partners in crime and passion, the couple swindle their way across China, until one fine day they run into Xa Gen (starring Wang Baoqiang) in a train station, a country bumpkin who is convinced that he loves in a world without thieves. Contrary to his conviction, the train Gen boards is chock-full of thieves, including Uncle Bill (starring Ge You), a meister of legerdemain from the old school who finds his match only in Bo. While Bill’s men are prowling after Gen’s sixty thousand Yuan savings, Li takes it upon herself to be his protector, and Bo reluctantly drawn into this ironic battle of good and evil…

Movie Review:

Named as one of the "Asian Stars of 2004" by popular American magazine "Business Week", phenomenal filmmaker and director, Feng Xiaogang is indisputably one unique species in the Chinese film industry today. A strong believer that a movie should be moneymaking and entertaining, Feng's works had earned him critical success both in box -office and the media.
After a series of successful "New Year Celebration Movies" like the 2001 "Big Shot's funeral" and 2003 "Cell Phone", Feng returned this year with "A World without Thieves" which will be released in Singapore on 16 Dec 2004.

In this US$3.9 million production, Feng's usual style of black humor and often with an uncongenial reflection of reality is still apparent. The movie tells the tale of Xa Gen (Wang Baoqiang), an honest and hardworking youth, on his long train ride home, to get married and set up his own family with the 60 000yuan pays in his pocket. Master thief Wang Bo (Andy Lau), who conveniently reasoned that Xa Gen should be taught a lesson for been a stubborn believer of a World without thieves, first wanted to rob him but was deterred by his accomplice, Wang Li
(Rene Liu), who was moved by Xa Gen's honesty and decided to escort him home with the 60 000yuan intact.

However, in this real World filled with cheats, crooks and thieves, their train journey soon became the challenge grounds between the duo and another gang of thieves, who were equally on the top of their game. When the fight intensified and Wang Bo advised to leave Xa Gen, Wang Li
insisted to stay on to help the simpleton. In the ultimate showdown, Xa Gen's money was saved but with a much higher price. Andy Lau starred as master thief, Wang Bo reminds us of another of his similar project this year: "Yesterday Once More", which also tells the story of two master thieves cum lover. In spite of the ever popular pairing of Andy Lau and Sammi Chueng in "Yesterday Once More", it was "A World without Thieves", which mark the pioneer pair-up of Andy Lau and Rene Liu that had stolen its limelight with a more captivating plot and breath-taking cinematography.

Multiple awards winner for Best Actress, Rene Liu again had shine in the subtle role as Wang Li, who was in the mental struggle, worrying about retributions. Retarded hairdo aside, Andy's performance had proven himself worthy to be the owner of the Golden Horse Award! Instead of acting "handsome" as in his previous movies, this time, he pulls off convincingly as a crook master thief. Though was a baddies, he is still loveable by the audience as he reluctantly protect Xa Gen's saving upon Wang Li's request.

Filmed with a spiritual backdrop, breath-taking landscape, and groundbreaking pick pocketing stunts and action choreography, audience will be deeply touched as they watch the return of one's conscience only to be met with an unjust end.

If you are hunting for a movie with substance to finish off 2004, go for this one!

Movie Rating: A-



A World Without Thieves Press Conference on 9 December at Singapore Conrad Hotel



  Publicity Stills of "A World Without Thieves" (Courtesy from Shaw)

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