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Original Title: MONGJEONGGI
Director: JEONG Cho-Sin
Starring: Lee Beon-Su as GONG ByungChul, Kim SunAh as Kim YooRi
RunTime: 1 hr 38 mins
Released By: Golden Village & Encore Films
Rating: M18 (Sexual Content)

Release Date: 14 April 2005

Synopsis :

DongHyun, SeokGu, SangMin and YoungJe are typical adolescent high school boys deeply curious about sexual matters. When a female apprentice teacher, Ms. Kim YooRi (Kim SunAh) begins teaching at their all boys’ school, she captures the lust and imagination of four of her students, who cannot stop fantasizing about her.

DongHyun’s secret 'love' for his teacher is shattered by news of her affections for another teacher Byung-Chul (Lee BeomSoo). Yoo-Ri has already fallen for the homeroom teacher, Byung-Chul, and has her own daydreams about what it would be like with him. nfortunately, Byung-Chul has forsaken love in his life, and is immune to her come-ons. Yoo-Ri must get him to accept her advances, while rejecting the rapid-fire advance of her four students. This comic love triangle erupts into an unforgettable ending.

Movie Review:

Melons, instant cup noodles, shell food and pull-up bars. What do these seemingly trivial unrelated things have to do with this movie? Well, more than meet the eye of the scriptwriter, Park Chae Woon. You would be amazed by his creativity for conjuring with such original ideas of showing these daily items as alternative means for sexual satisfaction and even to the point of references to the feminine genital. Otherwise, be ready to be slightly put off for the light-hearted audience. Watch, laugh and forget – the advice.

Set in Year 1988, so do not be surprised by the wardrobe selections for its cast. The 4 teenage actors, with “Dong Hyun” as the main focus, have certainly delivered an excellent performance as a bunch of typical adolescent high school boys (good buddies) who are certainly and obviously very curious of sexual matters and infatuation. Kim Sun Ah as Yoo Ri (the lead actress) is the pretty rookie teacher trainee for their boys’ school. She, undeniably, caught the fantasy of her high school students. And her own affection for her former teacher now mentor, Lee Beon Su as Byung Chui. That is where the story began, combining romance and comedy elements. Teacher – student – teacher….certainly bizarre but interesting love triangle.

More credit should be given to the young actor. He brings out the soul of this role as “Dong Hyun”. In fact, the latter is the only character that is more wholesomely developed in this movie. There are different crucial choices he had to make during this growing up journey of self-discovery on deciding among moral values, true love or just simply lust.

A pity that audience won’t be able to find out his real name as the end credit list is rolled out in Korean words only.

No star-studded cast but still watchable for this 2002 comedy with an unexpected twist of its ending that brought out the final laughs. And this movie indeed serves a stark important reminder of how sex education is very vital for our perpetually curious young generation.

Movie Rating: B

Review by Alicia Tee

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