Publicity Stills of "My Boyfriend Is Type B"
(Courtesy from Festive Films)

Genre: Romance/Comedy
Choi Seok-won
Starring: Lee Dong-gun, Han Ji-hye
RunTime: 1 hr 36 mins
Released By: Cathay Keris Films and Festive Films
Official Website: http://www.bnamchin.co.kr
Rating: PG

Release Date: 26 May 2005

Synopsis :

An super-cool handsome guy is going out with me! But his blood type is "B"... what the hell!
Ha-mi is a college student who believes in predestined love. One day she meets Young-bin on the street and instantly feels that he is the one. However, Young-bin is such a heartthrob and his blood type is "B", which is believed as the must-avoid type by many women! Despite her cousin's objection, Ha-mi falls for him because of his aggressive wooing.

Movie Review:

Girls, get ready, this is YOUR movie if you are in your teens or early twenties! The fanciful girl-meet-boy story might have many sending text messages to phone numbers unknown to them; just to try if this magic works for them too. Who knows this might be the very catalyst to your dream of finding your very soul mate in the ever most romantic way…

Guys, if your blood type is B, it is probably in your best interest to pass this movie and let your girl watch it with her girlfriend(s). If you insist on watching, an enactment of one of the scenes might just take place. The Type-B boyfriend dragged his girlfriend out of the movie theatre because he found the movie uninteresting; even though the girlfriend enjoyed it. This is what Type B boyfriends do; a display of ultimate selfishness. Type-B guys are also said to be quite creative, but capricious, conceited, selfish, and sulky.

Shin Lee (Ha-mi’s cousin and flatmate) radiates through her role and often stole the limelight from the main leads. Her strong discouragement of Ha-mi seeing Young-bin, stemmed from her unfortunate personal experiences with Type-B guys and detail research of the characteristics of the different blood types males. Though exaggerating, her acting does not irritate and brings about the laughter.

One dating idea stood out strongly; enjoys a sky scraper’s elevator ride in superman style. Guys can learn plenty from the various romantic tactics showcased in the movie. Silly ideas but they would work on girls, nonetheless.

It is a pity that some of the humour is lost through the Chinese translation. Language, being an amazing system of communication; does not allow itself to be manipulated to our wish in this instance.

Lee Dong-gun might have just saved himself with his impressive delivery of “And I Love You So”. It was a pity he announced recently that he would not sing professionally again. Han Ji-hye redeemed herself with sweetness and innocence when compared to the familiar role of an irksome sister in the Summer Scent, a Korean drama serial. By and large, Lee Dong-gun and Han Ji-hye had continued their success from Sweet 18. This is a must-watch for the candy floss lovers; light and saccharine sweet. But if you are looking for more serious stuff, check out Old Boy instead.

Movie Rating: B-

Review by W. Lee

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