Genre: Comedy/Crime
Director: Joel Coen
Starring: Tom Hanks, Marlon Wayans, Greg Grunberg, Irma P. Hall
RunTime: -
Released By: Buena Vista International
Rating: To Be Advised
Released Date: 21 October 2004

Synopsis (Courtesy from BVI) :

Academy Award(r)-winner Tom Hanks teams up for the first time with Academy Award(r)-winning filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen ("O
Brother, Where Art Thou?") for this retelling of the critically acclaimed 1955 comedy, "The Ladykillers." Hanks stars as Goldthwait Higginson Dorr III, Ph.D., a charlatan professor who's assembled a gang of "experts" for the heist of the century. The thieves: experts in explosions, tunneling, and muscle, and the critical "inside man." The base of operations: the root cellar of an unsuspecting, church-going little old lady named Mrs. Munson (IRMA P. HALL). The ruse: the five need a place to practice their church music. The problem: it quickly becomes evident that Dorr's thieves lack the mental capacity to do the job. The bigger problem: they have all seriously underestimated their upstairs host. When Mrs. Munson stumbles onto their plot and threatens to notify the authorities, the felonious five decide to do her in. After all, how hard can it be to knock off one old lady?


With Tom Hanks and the Coen brothers, this movie sure had ensured audiences an enjoyable ride. Heavy Southern accents from Irma P. Hall and Tom Hanks asides, the movie quickly settles down to business after a mere 10 minutes of its run, introducing all the usual suspects: The Mastermind (Tom Hanks), The foul-mouth insider (Marlon Wayans), The Tunnel Rat (Tzi Ma) , The TNT expert [J.K . Simmons) and the dumb Muscle guy (Ryan Hurst).

Every casts in this movie are simply great especially Marlon Wayans, who extreme foul mouth would puts Quentin Tarantino to shame! Love him or hates him, this guy sure earns most of our laughter! Also not forgetting the one who really stole the movie from Tom Hanks, the relatively unknown Tzi Ma. His expression sure makes your lungs burst! His brilliant performances, that we thought could only be pulled off by Jim Carrey sure going to leave a lasting impression on the audience. Oscar winner, Tom Hanks had displayed yet another remarkable performance
although it may be hard on most audiences to picture him as a bad guy. To most of his fan, he is always Forrest Gump: The Mr Nice Guy who sits on the bench offering chocolates to strangers, but not an evil satanic-looking gang leader. However, he seems to be having fun playing the baddie role.

This is a crime caper where twist and turns in its plot are the sure routine and most of them are almost predictable. Fortunately the directing style of the Coen brothers had made the movie hilariously interesting though the finale seems a bit rush and rather absurd. But overall is an average crime caper movie that worth the admission price. By the way, do remember to pay attention to the lines the TNT expert said at the finale!

Movie Rating: B-

Review by our guest columnist, StoneApe

  Publicity Stills of "The Ladykillers" (Courtesy from Buena Vista International)

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