In Japanese, Cantonese and English
Director: Yon Fan (Bishonen, Peony Pavilion)
Starring: Theresa Chung, Harisu, Keiko Matsuzaka, Carl Ng
RunTime: 1 hr 44 mins
Released By: Cathay-Keris Films
Rating: R21

Release Date: 24 March 2005

Synopsis :

Nominated for Hong Kong Film Awards: Best Art Direction, Best New Artist, Best costume and make up and Best Original Score.

Colour Blossoms is set in contemporary Hong Kong and deals directly with love and lust, innocence and fetish. A decadent romance breaking the barriers between the living and the dead, the film portrays a dream of an almost unstoppable streams of consciousness in which the shower of sakura blossoms wafts and withers, whilst the intoxicated feeling of wanting and loving lingers beyond the seduction that lures both ways, leaving a fragrance that never decays.

Movie Review:

Set in a contemporary Hong Kong era, this is a tale of sensual and erotic love between the hetero and homosexual variety. A movie of leather and skin, it portrays the complex relationship, which is getting more and more intriguing

Mei-li, an ambitious house agent was selling a house to Madam Umeki (Matsuzaka eiko) a mysterious Japanese high society lady who, in turn asks her to lease out a luxurious apartment on her behalf. It was abandoned for thirty years and this house brought fond yet painful memories for Madam Umeki.

On her way to view the luxurious apartment, she met Policeman 4708 (Carl Ng) where she develops a fantasy for men in uniform and falls for him, the man of her dreams.
At the same time, when she bring potential customers to view the house, she met Kim, a Japanese hippie photographer who seems to have just stepped out of a CK perfume for men commercial. She can’t help but to fall for him too. With his innocent smile, Kim brings a sense of sorrow, which attracts the liking of Mei-li and Madam Umeki.

So now where does Ha Ri Su fits in this movie of an increasingly tangled web of violence, sensual passion, and lurid, unchecked desires?

She was actually the younger version of Madam Umeki who was madly in love with Kim and for the one she love, she is ready to give up everything and even change herself to be with Kim.

There is some element of some humorous entertainment like a scene of switching on and off the water taps where a woman’s sexual moans are heard. Another scene shows Kim sexually assault Policeman 4708. Actually some of the scenes in this movie is quite ridiculous. You can’t help but to laugh at the filming approach of the director.

As for the cast, Madam Umeki is a very dramatic character, whom like to seek attention and loves to live in her fantasy. However, she was in a rage when she discovered Mei-li has fallen for her lover, Kim who was killed by her thirty years ago.

I find Policeman 4708 is an introverted character in this movie, who holds a liking for Mei-li but do not dare to express his feelings. I remember one scene where he climbs the stairs up to Mei-li’s apartment and with his unnatural movements, it make the moviegoers cracking up.

In a way, this character portrayed seems unreal. When I lay my eyes upon him in his first scene, he seems to immerse in a dreamy state and I do agree with Mei-li that men in uniform can be very attractive.

However this movie is very confusing, as some scenes tend to jump here and there. Although the story is not greatly appreciated, I will still give its due credit to its filming efforts and the artsy approach the director took.

This movie is not for those conservative minded, but for those who appreciate artsy films. And if you really want to have a feel of sensual love, do go with an open heart.

Movie Rating: C+

Review by Angeline Ng

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