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BROWN SUGAR (Thailand)

Director: Kittiyaporn Klangsuring (Desire), Panumart Deesatta (Prostitute on Bed), Sart Tanchareon (Love for Play)
Cast: Lakkana Wattanawongsiri, Warintorn Yarujjanon (Desire), Pasweepitch Sornakarapa, Prakasit Bosuwan (Prostitute on Bed), Nattakan Anumartchimplee, Jittikorn Sorachan (Love for Play)
Runtime: -
Released By: Shaw & Clover Films
Rating: TBA
Official Website:

Opening Day: 14 July 2011

Synopsis: LOVE FOR PLAY - Teenagers’ growing curiosity of numerous issues and sex are the centre of “Love for Play”, an entertaining, erotic tee-comedy. A teenage girl is home alone, and asks her boyfriend to accompany her for the night. It starts from an innocent conversation about each other’s body, to touching and a more revealing game. The girl tempts the boy to play a strip game that could lead to their first sexual encounter... Even though their heaven is not far away, the game doesn’t end as expected. This story questions the limit of morals and sexual desire of teenagers that adults never seem to understand.

DESIRE - “Desire” is an erotic and romantic tale, directed by the only female director of the “Brown Sugar” project. It is about a lonely relationship of a man and a woman in the big city. They have laid eyes on each other, but never even have a conversation. But one day, desire unexpectedly shortens the distance between a tattoo artist and a masseuse.

PROSTITUTE ON BED - An erotic-comedy, “Prostitute on Bed” presents sex of the middle class in a big city. It reveals the exciting sexual fantasy of a wealthy man and a super hot young girl. In the span of a day, they fulfill each other’s sexual fantasies with no regards to time and place, or the people around them.  What they had was what many dreamt of:  “sex of life”. In reality, both genders are equal and the females now can express their sexual views and desire just as their male counterparts.

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