Tony Leung serenades us with SEE YOU TOMORROW theme song

Be the first to listen to Tony Leung & Li Yuchun cover of Eason Chan classic  《十年》 , which is also the theme song of upcoming Christmas Blockbuster SEE YOU TOMORROW. The comedy also stars Takeshi Kaneshiro, Angelababy and Eason Chan. Sneaks on 23 and opens December 24. 


Feel the love this holiday with SEE YOU TOMORROW

Shaw Organisation is proud to be the official distributor for the upcoming holiday blockbuster comedy, See You Tomorrow (摆渡人) in cinemas Dec 23!

See You Tomorrow is adapted from a short story in writer and director Zhang Jia Jia 张嘉佳’s novel ‘I Belonged to You 从你的全世界路过’. What’s more, this film is yet another comedy produced by one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated auteurs Wong Kar-wai. It’s been a long time since we’ve caught Tony Leung in a less serious role, so prepare for your funny bones to be tickled by a lot of winking and swearing from him!

The film features an all-time star-studded cast of A-listers Tony Leung, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Angelababy, Eason Chan and Lu Han. Reuniting Leung and Kaneshiro after 7 years since Red Cliff (2009), ‘See You Tomorrow’ also marks 3 years since Leung and Wong worked on The Grandmaster in 2012. And of course, the last time where all three of them were together was none other than the 1994 hit Chungking Express. This year-end blockbuster is definitely not one to be missed!

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