Nov Films from Sinema+GV

In celebration of Singapore independent films in November, Sinema +GV focuses on two feature films made by Singapore talents outside of Singapore. The ‘Watch Local” initiative is supported by Singapore Film Commission to encourage Singapore’s growing film industry.

Movie-goers will be able to catch limited screenings of Singapore-Macau co-production dramatic thriller Roulette City by actor-director Thomas Lim as well USA-produced dramatic comedy Valley of the Sun by San Francisco-based Singapore producer Mr. Unsu Lee at Golden Village Grand (Great World City) on three Wednesdays evenings in November- 14th, 21st and 28th November 2012.

To encourage all members of the public to catch the films, tickets will be sold at 50% off regular ticket prices at $4.50 and $4.00 (excluding online charges) online at or over the ticketing counter at Golden Village Great World City.

Dramatic thriller Roulette City has just ended it’s successful 3-weeks theatrical run in Japan cinemas in September 2012 and has been invited for special screenings in Singapore again after its first public screening at Singapore International Film Festival in 2010 and Sinema Old School in 2011. The film was also selected for the Singapore International Film Festival and Macau International Film and Video Festival in 2010.

Completely shot in Macau, director-actor of Roulette City Mr. Thomas Lim says “ Although Macau has been handed back to Mainland China in 1999, a tight border still separates the two places, and many people from the mainland cross this border everyday to try to turn their fortunes around by gambling at the Macau casinos. Interestingly, casinos carry a different meaning for the Macau locals. It provides them with well paying jobs and an increasingly comfortable life.”

Roulette City shares the story about Tak (starred by director Thomas Lim) from Mainland China, goes to Macau with his uncle Wai, hoping to win money to pay for his ill mother’s operation. They win big at their initial tries, but loses it all when Wai runs into Tak’s old lover, Wynnie. Tak is lured into a gamble that he cannot refuse and Tak has to discover this true intentions while befriending a policeman Kin’s sister called Armanda played by Annie Loi, who was a Miss Macau beauty pageant finalist in 2009.

Valley of The Sun is an official selection for Newport Beach Film Festival 2011 and tells the story of Andy Taggert (starred by Johnny Whitworth) who set out for Hollywood to pursue serious acting, but years later finds himself as Vick Velour – adult film star. Andy landed himself in a mental hospital and decided to retreat to his unwitting parents’ Arizona retirement community, and unexpectedly witness a series of happenings that comes back to haunt him in the last place on Earth he least imagines.

Shot in at least three different states of USA Arizona, Valley of The Sun Director Mr Stokes McIntyre decided to make this film because he believed the premise had an element of inherent humor and he liked the idea that it portrays a young person learning from his elders. “Many of the people I respect the most in my life are my elders. They all have a lifetime of wisdom to share and I love listening to their stories and learning from them. I wanted to capture that type of generational relationship in this move,” says McIntyre. Valley of The Sun also starred Heather Burns, Barry Corbin and Academy Award Nominated Graham Greene.

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