mm2 Entertainment will be bringing two iconic Singapore characters to the big screen in 2018 - ‘Mr Kiasu 怕输先生’ and ‘Liang Xi Mei 梁细妹.

Auditions for ‘Mr Kiasu’, an iconic comic character created by Johnny Lau 刘夏宗 in the 1990s, started last Saturday, 25 November, in search of acting talents to fill various roles. Production for ‘Mr Kiasu’ The Movie is scheduled to begin in Q2 2018 with an expected release in Q4 2018.

Liang Xi Mei’, Jack Neo 梁志强’s other famous cross-dressing role in his long-running comedy variety show, ‘Comedy Night’, is finally heading for the big screen 18 years after ‘Liang Po Po: The Movie’ (1999) was released in cinemas. Cast includes regulars, Mark Lee, Henry Thia and Wang Lei from ‘Happy Can Already’. Filming for ‘Liang Xi Mei’ The Movie has commenced and is slated for a 2018 Chinese New Year release.

In addition, mm2 Entertainment will be investing in the following projects driven by new regional talents.

1) Hell Hole《鬼地方》(Singapore)
An anthology film of 3 ghost stories of lost, love and suffering across 3 different generations by talented TV and film director Sam Loh罗胜. The story of a loving mother’s death pact with a spirit to save her son’s life. The story of her son bullied and left for dead. And finally how the spirit of the mother and son finally gets their revenge. Through the scary moments and surprising twist, the film takes us on a roller coaster of emotions, through love, laughter and thrill towards a penultimate surprising finale.

2) In My Heart 《想见你》(Malaysia)
The new film by the production team behind the multi-award winning film, ‘Shuttle Life, ‘In My Heart’ is a touching coming-of-age tale of two musically talented brothers whose lives change forever after an unfortunate incident. The film will be directed by new promising director Teddy Chin陈立谦 and starring new Taiwan acting talent Charles Tu涂善存.

3) Feature Films by 3 MovieMakers Award Winning Directors (Hong Kong)
After coming out on top in mm2’s first MovieMakers Awards in Hong Kong; beating out over 100 other aspiring film-makers, Jun Lee 李駿碩, Lam Sum 林森and Nate Tse謝家祺 will be working on their respective feature films in 2018 with mm2 and reputable Hong Kong film company, One Cool Pictures.

Mr Tang Wai But, Managing Director of One Cool Pictures said, “I was very excited when I heard that mm2 Entertainment held its first Movie Makers Awards in Hong Kong this year. As developing new talents and supporting the film industry has always been one of our key principles for One Cool Pictures, we are delighted that we share a common goal with mm2. We look forward to collaborating together and exploring possibilities such as film production, distribution and promotion support to develop the film industry in Hong Kong.”

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work together with One Cool Pictures in nurturing and developing three feature film projects for our MovieMakers Award Winning directors. We hope this marks the beginning of more such win-win colloborations with One Cool Pictures.” added Mr Chang Long Jong, CEO of mm2 Asia Ltd.