Check out our blurb on the US Edition of FIRESTORM Bluray and DVD

We are exhilarated to share with readers that the WELL GO USA Bluray and DVD edition of the high-octane HK action thriller, FIRESTORM has featured a quote from us, "Hong Kong cinema at its most electrifying" on it's front package (though our name is misspelled). Still, always a delight to garner recognition from an international outlet.  

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Andy Lau cooked up a FIRESTORM

From famed producer Bill Kong and Andy Lau comes an action-packed thriller, FIRESTORM. Co-starring Gordon Lam and Hu Jun, FIRESTORM tells a story of a crew of seasoned criminals led by the notorious Nam (Hu Jun), armed with high-powered weapons, pulls off another smooth and violent armored car heist in broad daylight in a crowded street. Whoever tries to get in their way, they will show no mercy. This puts the police force to shame and humiliation.

FIRESTORM opens 12 December 2013 in Singapore