Bride Wars Set for Chinese Valentine's Day Release

Bride Wars Set for Chinese Valentine’s Day Release - Battle of the BFF between Angelababy and Ni Ni

Two bridezillas are ready for a full-on war this Chinese Valentine’s Day. Rom-com Bride Wars held a press conference in Beijing on April 1st announcing the film’s release on August 20th. The film, a remake of Hollywood’s Bride Wars, highlights the friends-turned-foes course between BFF played by Ni Ni (The Domineering Girlfriend) and Angelababy (The Girl Next Door) over the clash of their wedding dates. The two characters embarked on a long journey trying to sabotage each other’s wedding.

Bride Wars is a joint production of Bona Films, 20th Century Fox Film and Tencent Video; directed by Tony Chan with a cast of Angelababy, Ni Ni, Chen Xiao and Zhu Yawen, the film is scheduled for a national release on August 20th in China. The film is scheduled for release in Singapore in September.