Brace Yourself...THE WHITE STORM is coming! (UPDATED WITH MAKING OF)

Starring Sean Lau, Louis Koo and Nick Cheung, THE WHITE STORM is about the Hong Kong Narcotics Bureau’s Team A, led by Wan (Sean Lau Ching Wan) who successfully arrests the most active international drug dealer, Hak Tsai, following two years of undercover work by detectives Koo (by Louis Koo) and Fai (by Nick Cheung). But Wan, with a desire to perform and a hunger for ambition, tricks and persuades the Thai Police to extradite Hak Tsai back to Thailand in order to set a trap for the legendary drug lord, also known as the last warlord in the Golden Triangle area, Eight-Faced Buddha. This high budget production cop action movie is directed by Benny Chan (Shaolin)and opens 5 December 2013. 

Sean Lau:

Making Of:

"White Storm - Special clips of song "誓要入刀山".