The late Alien Huang's (小鬼) last movie, "Fat Hope (超磅名模)" will be releasing in Singapore on 8 February during CNY holidays next year according to Encore Films. 

The movie also stars Lin Yu Pin (Just You, The Masked Lover, The Map of DNA), Liu Ling Ling (881, 3688, 12 Lotus), Quan Yi Fong (Young & Fabulous, The Wedding Game, 12 Storeys), Henry Thia (Money Not Enough, Money Not Enough 2, I Not Stupid, I Not Stupid Too, Young & Fabulous), Wang Lei (Where Got Ghost?, The Ghost Must Be Crazy, Ah Boys to Men, Long Long Time Ago, Long Long Time Ago 2), Hong Hui Fang (The Maid, 7 Letters), Jeffrey Xu (Young & Fabulous), Sonia Chew, Abigail Chay, Priscilla Lim (Lucky Boy). 

The comedy is about Supermodel Alisa, the darling of the high fashion world—an irresistible stunner on the runway and highly sought-after by countless international labels. Aloof, curt and demanding, Alisa is a perfectionist who expects the same from others around her. So while she seems like an angel to select groups, behind her back there are others who swear in hushed whispers that she is the devil incarnate. At the end of the day, not only is Alisa brilliant at what she does, she also works twice as hard, and that is how she survived the unforgiving, glamorous world of modelling. It may be lonely at the top, but that is where she intends to stay.

One night, as Alisa is scrolling through the comments on her Facebook, she comes across a strange one, which she dismisses as another chain message spam and immediately deletes it. The message states that if the person who reads it and do not follow its instructions will have their worst nightmare come true… The next day, Alisa wakes up to her usual morning routine. As she walks into the bathroom, she catches her reflection in the mirror, and to her absolute horror, she sees an unrecognisable, ugly fatty staring back at her!

So it begins that the thin, beautiful supermodel Alisa, who has never once been fat in her entire life, has to now find ways to slim down, and salvage a career and life that are built around the beauty ideal. Along the way, Alisa will discover that happiness can come in different shapes and sizes…