The 60th Golden Horse Awards was held at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall ceremony in Taipei on Saturday Nov.25. Taiwanese filmmaker Ang Lee serves as the President of the Jury for the second time while veteran Brigitte Lin, 林青霞 receieved the Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Best Narrative Feature: Stonewalling

Best Director: Hsiao Ya-chuan (Old Fox)

Best New Director: Nick Cheuk (Time Still Turn The Pages)

Best Leading Actor: Wu Kang-ren (Abang Adik)

Best Leading Actress: Audrey Lin (Trouble Girl)

Best Supporting Actor: Akio Chen (Old Fox)

Best Supporting Actress: Beatrice Fang (Day Off)


Best New Performer: Yoyo Tse (Fly Me to the Moon)  

Best Original Screenplay: Sun Jie (The Mountain Is Coming)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Wu Chin-jung, Cheng Wei-hao (Marry Me Dead Body)


Best Cinematography: Yu Jing-pin (Fish Memories)

Best Visual Effects: ArChen Yen (Eye of the Storm)

Best Art Direction: Huang Mei-ching, Tu Shuo-feng (Eye of the Storm)

Best Makeup and Costume Design: Wang Chih-cheng, Shirley Kao (Old Fox)

Best Action Choreography: Huang Shih-hao (The Pig, The Snake and the Pigeon)

Best Original Film Score: Chris Hou (Old Fox)

Best Original Film Song: (The Usual)Lyricist :  Wu Nien-jen Composer : George Chen Performer : Hung Pei-yu

Best Film Editing: Liao Ching-sung, Otsuka Ryuji (Stonewalling)

Best Sound Effects: Tu Duu-chih, Wu Shu-yao, Chen Kuan-ting (Snow In Midsummer)