The 59th Golden Horse Awards was held at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall ceremony in Taipei on Saturday Nov.19. Nominees include our very own Hong Hui-fang and also Jung Dong-hwan for their performances in Ajooma

Best Narrative Feature: Coo-Coo 043

Best Director: Laha Mebow (GAGA)

Best New Director: Lau Kok-rui (The Sunny Side of the Street)

Best Leading Actor: Anthony Wong (The Sunny Side of the Street)

Best Leading Actress: Sylvia Chang (A Light Never Goes Out)

Best Supporting Actor: Berant Zhu (Bad Education)

Best Supporting Actress: Kagaw Piling (GAGA)


Best New Performer: Hu Jhih-ciang (Coo-Coo 043)  

Best Original Screenplay: Lau Kok-rui (The Sunny Side of the Street)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Au Kin-yee, Shum Kwan-sin (Limbo)


Best Cinematography: Cheng Siu-keung (Limbo)

Best Visual Effects: Garrett Lam, Ho Man-lok, Diu King-wai (Limbo)

Best Art Direction: Mak Kwok-keung, Renee Wong (Limbo)

Best Makeup and Costume Design: Ken Fan, Chen You-feng (Demigod: The Legend Begins)

Best Action Choreography: Sheu Fang-yi (Salute)

Best Original Film Score: Wong Hin-yan (The Narrow Road)

Best Original Film Song: (What's on Your Mind)Lyricist : Eric Chou, Wu I-wei Composer : Eric Chou Performer : Eric Chou

Best Film Editing: Kevin Ko (Incantation)

Best Sound Effects: R.T KAO, Rockid Lee, Richard Hocks, Nusorn Thongkhum (Incantation)