THE SIN (씬) (2024)

Genre: Horror/Thriller
Director: Han Dong-seok
Cast: Kim Yoon-hye, Song Yi-jae, Park Ji-hoon, Lee Sang-a
Runtime: 1 hr 43 mins
Rating: NC16 (Violence and Coarse Language)
Released By: Shaw Organisation
Official Website: 

Opening Day: 18 April 2024

Synopsis: Si-young (Kim Yoon-hye) has been chosen to play the lead role in an experimental art film centered around her dance major. Along with her college friend Chae-yoon (Song Yi-jae), they performed geometric dance routines as part of a shamanic ceremony as directed by the film's director. However, their world is turned upside down when a production team member suddenly fell from the roof but his seemingly lifeless body began to move and come to life… 

Movie Review:

We stepped into the cinema thinking that this Korean horror movie would be like one of the many others we’ve seen. The synopsis states that a young girl named Si-young (Kim Yoon-hye), together with her college friend Chae-yoon (Song Yi-jae), are cast in an experimental film. One sequence filmed at the rooftop of an abandoned building sees the two girls performing a dance as part of a religious ritual, and fans of horror flicks would know that this will end in disaster.

As expected, the situation spirals out of control and there is a generous spillage of blood. What we didn’t expect is how the story takes a turn and goes in different unexpected directions.

Early in the 103 minute movie, we see a female crew member heading to what looks like a storeroom to find a switch so that the filming can proceed smoothly. No prizes for guessing that she will be the first casualty of the scare fest, especially when we see her gaping in horror as she shines her torchlight on a wall full of red scribblings. We’re guessing that’s probably a curse for some sort of ritual.

When a crew member is missing from set for an extended time, you get another crew member to look for her. One poor guy is sent for the job, and we see him attacked viciously by the abovementioned victim. She goes for his neck, and the movie directed by Han Dong-seok is beginning to look like a zombie flick. Back at the rooftop, the rest of the cast and crew are also having sightings of what looks like the undead from afar.

As we settled ourselves in for a zombie movie with running, chasing and hiding, the storyline takes a turn and suggests that there is a group of humans (wearing full face masks, no less) who are seemingly controlling these monsters. Is the abandoned building located in an experiment site? Things get more confusing as flashbacks reveal more details about Kim’s Si-young, as we learn that she has an unexplained psychic power to cause some serious destruction.

The two female leads Kim and Song also do look uncannily alike, and you can bet there’s something suspicious going on. Elsewhere, there are supporting characters like Si-young’s mother and the aunt of Si-young’s childhood boyfriend who are seemingly important pieces of the puzzle.

With so many things going on, the filmmakers manage to keep viewers interested throughout the movie’s runtime, but the payoff isn’t as satisfying as we wished it would be. While the picture successfully creates a sinisterly cryptic atmostphere, we can’t root for any particular character, and the shift in tone and supposed plot twists are confusing instead of intriguing. It doesn’t help that when you thought the movie has ended, it asks you to stay in your seat for an extended sequence, where you’re introduced to another character related to the protagonist. Is this the setup for a sequel? We can’t be sure, but it only left us more muddle headed than anything.

Movie Rating:

(This horror movie may feel stuffed with too many storylines, but the foreboding atmostphere is one thing that grips you and doesn't let go) 

Review by John Li

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