Genre: Sci-Fi/Action
George Lucas
Cast: Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman, Jake Lloyd, Ian McDiarmid, Pernilla August, Oliver Ford Davies, Hugh Quarshie, Ahmed Best, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Frank Oz, Terence Stamp
RunTime: 2 hrs 19 mins
Rating: PG
Released By:  20th Century Fox
Official Website:

Opening Day: 9 February 2012

Synopsis:  Join the celebration as Star Wars ® returns to theaters. Discover how the epic story of Anakin Skywalker™ begins on the big screen for the first time ever in 3D. A young slave boy o the desert planet Tatooine™, Anakin™ is strong in the Force, and an amazing Podracer pilot. Jedi™ Master Qui-Gon Jinn™ discovers Anakin and sees his potential to be a great Jedi™ Knight. Meanwhile, the droid army of the greedy Trade Federation invades the peaceful planet of Naboo™ as part of a secret plot by the Sith™ to gain power. In defending Queen Amidala™ of Naboo™, the Jedi™ Knights will cross lightsaber™ blades with the deadly Sith™ Lord, Darth Maul™.

Movie Review:

Where do i start with this? Much to the fans around the world, a clear divide was born to those who embrace the evolution and those who scorn at the abomination that was produced. Of course there are those who just don’t care. Opened in 1999, more than a decade ago, prequels was introduced to the cinematic trails of saga and solution to the evolutions of seemingly dead franchise. Origin story churn up the whys and hows and that gave the life of a certain character or situation for which in a way, if done correctly, enhances the visual feast upon reentering the original realm. In my opinion, its really a double edge sword. In one hand, character build up can create a further more enticing series for enjoyment and of cos in business wise, hence the term, milking the cow. In another hand, this deludes the fantasy and mystery that the original satire was build up and as how JJ Abrams says it, the mind is a very powerful tool to see the growth of curiosity. Then there’s the George Lucas. Yes, i’ve made his name into a verb. Someone who milks the hell out of a cow till its bone dry.

First it was the VHS, then VCD, then the DVD, Laser Disc and Blu-ray. That’s the home entertainment mind you. In the theater, you have the original trinity, then the subsequent 3 prequel, then the re-release of the original in digital with CG elements. And now the latest in its range, the beginning of a re-release, starting from episode 1 Phantom Menace in glorious 3D. I wonder, after the whole series is done, what will come next? Immersive? Smellovision? Force feedback motion (whoa that quite an idea really. I call dibs on that idea. You heard it first in MX!) ? The possibility are endless.

Well since the force is strong with this one Jedi, There’s no use fighting. It’s inevitable. I’m not particularly mad about the milking though. I am however furious with the shoddy work the 3D conversion was done for its re-release. It was hopeful at first, the black space and scrolling intro. Then it went down hill. Depth perception was not apparent enough. My only saving grace was the pod racing sequence and even that had its downfall. Much hope was put upon await for the Darth Maul saber fight sequence to pull me through, winning my affection of the 3D conversion but it just made me disappointed. The odd pacing and fighting choreograph is still lingering true from the first time i saw it. And being having moments a tad fast and blurry, hardly any 3D was apparent for my awe.

You can’t deny, Star Wars saga is a mountainous eruption that will continue to send fan base all around the world to view its majestic, but the magic of it has somehow lost the story and true form and quite apparently, more about making the bucks. As i slowly exited the hall, i over heard a few ho hums along the way and I'm pretty sure many unheard. The fact is, the saga should have been left as it is, without the bling bling because it may have added a evolution to its next step, it may have lost some fans along the way.

Oh dear does that mean i have to buy the 3D Blu-ray edition? Damn it!

Movie Rating:

(Watch it for the nostalgia- not the 3D experience)

Review by Lokman B S