: When held hostage by a convicted sports star, news anchor Liu Li-min finds a new shot at fame. But his investigation reveals far more than he expected.


Seven years ago, an up-and-coming baseball player, Zhang Zheng-yi (Edward Chen) was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering his girlfriend, Wang Shih-yun in a deserted level of a ballpark. Fast forward to present times, a journalist running his own online crime site, Liu Li-ming (Joseph Chang) is held hostage by Zhang in a prison. Subsequently after the escape from prison, Liu and Zhang has to reluctantly team up to uncover the truth behind the brutal murder with the latter trying to clear his name while Liu hopes to restart his career with this piece of sensational news.

On the surface, The Post-Truth World is a crime mystery peppered with the usual long list of suspects that include a rich offspring who secretly runs a drug ring, an old janitor who probably witnessed the crime, Shih-yun’s influential businessman father who might be concealing the whole truth or the late wife of Li-ming, Ya-jing who was somehow present at the crime scene on the night of the killing.

Maybe Zheng-yi is also involved in some ways as he is shown frequently as a somewhat unhinged character known for his hot temper. His constant uncontrollable of his temper during the investigation demonstrates his inability to control his emotions. Perhaps he is really the killer after a heated argument with Shih-yun.

Nevertheless, the brisk pacing and rich narrative helps keep the entire ordeal going with plenty of twists and turns to makes things compelling. But then there’s more to it as the story examines how the current climate of journalism can affect the outcome or simply put, if truth still exists today? Even Li-ming’s editor who proclaimed he is only keen on publishing the truth ends up being a huge hypocrite who never practices what he preaches in the end.

Does Li-ming who wants to make his late wife proud willing to sacrifice his struggling career or manipulate the story to make a comeback?

The Post-Truth World is a riveting watch with a few scenes of wicked humor courtesy of Li-ming’s teenage daughter played by American’s Girl, Caitlin Fang and two overzealous cops hot on the heels of Zheng-yi. Chang triumphed with his remarkable performance playing a tortured soul who apparently misses his wife, dotes on his daughter and diligently desires to do the right thing in his investigative journalism career. Edward Chen who shines in the LGBT drama, Your Name Engraved Herein did a wonderful job as well portraying yet another suffering man.

There’s a mid-credit scene that took the whole ordeal to another level and makes you question if justice actually prevails. Fascinating and chilly stuff about today’s media and the mindset of audiences. Either take everything about the media and news with a grain of salt or as Trump always proclaimed “fake news!”


Review by Linus Tee



Genre: Drama/Crime
Starring: Joseph Chang
, Edward Chen, Caitlin Fang, Aviis Zhong, Amber An, Chan Tzu-hsuan, Shih Chih-tian, Hsieh Chang Ying
Director: If Chen
Rating: NC16
Year Made: 2022
Official Website: 



Languages: Mandarin
Subtitles: English/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese
Running Time: 2 hrs