PERCY JACKSON: SEA OF MONSTERS - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2013)

It’s been a while since we heard a solid adventure score. Remember the good ol’ days when we were brought on swashbuckling exploration journeys with action heroes, fought villainous monsters alongside brave knights and flew through blue skies on fire breathing dragons – just by listening to soaring scores written by talented composers. We are also missing grand orchestra scores where grandeur and magnificence is brought about by proud brasses, while spledour and greatness is marked by lovely woodwinds.

In this day and age, soundtracks albums which feature score cues are far and few in between (locally, at least), and that is why we were pleased to review this 69 minute album with music composed by Canadian composer Andrew Lockington. While he may not be as well known as his counterparts in the industry like John Williams or Hans Zimmer, or recent notable names like Henry Jackman and John Ottman, we knew the 39 year old has got good stuff to share when we first heard his work in 2012’s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

First thing to note that this is no Harry Potter score, because there are no straightforward main themes to identify with. That said, if you have a love for film music, then you’ll be fully indulged in the wonderful score Lockington has composed. Kicking off the CD is “Thalia’s Story”, a mythical introduction that gets into the swing of things shortly. Adventure and soaring cues follow in the lyrical “Percy at the Lake”, the foreboding four minute extravaganza “Colchis Bull” and the ominous “The Oracle’s Prophecy”.

One track that will stand out is “Wild Taxi Ride”, where Lockington infuses some modern elements into the three odd minute piece. The seven minute “Wave Conjuring” is also a splendid cue, where you’ll be transported from one treachery to another, before it ends with a somewhat tragically beautiful finale. Another long cue, “Thank You Brother”, is dark and looms with danger, before “Kronos” brings on the full wrath of the super villain in the movie.

The highly recommended soundtrack concludes with electronic pop musician IAMEVE’s “To Feel Alive”, an inspiringly soaring song which we can’t get off our heads.


Recommended Track: 
(11) Wave Conjuring

Review by John Li


Thalia’s Story
Percy At The Lake
Colchis Bull
The Shield Is Gone
The Oracle’s Prophecy
Cursed Blade Shall Reap
Wild Taxi Ride
Onboard the Yacht
Wave Conjuring
12 Sea Of Monsters
13 Belly Of The Beast
14 New Coordinates
15 Polyphemus
16 Thank You Brother
17 Kronos
18 Annabeth And The Fleece
19 Resurrection
20 Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters - Main Titles
21 To Feel Alive (IAMEVE)


Composer: Andrew Lockington
Label: Sony Music
Release Date: August 6, 2013