TANGLED - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2010)

Get ready to enter the ever wonderful world of Disney magic.

It’s been a long while since we loved a Disney princess as adorable as Rapunzel. Her wide eyed smile and her golden locks charmed us to bits. And it’s also been a long while since we loved a Disney soundtrack as delightful as this 55 minute disc. Composer Alan Menken’s fascinating score is a joy to listen to, alongside five amazing songs from the studio’s 50th animated film.

The upbeat “When Will My Life Begin” performed by the underrated Mandy Moore introduces us to Rapunzel’s optimism and dreams in true Disney fashion – and you can imagine the energetic Rapunzel belting out this bouny tune as she prances and skips about in her tower. This song is reprised in two other tracks, where melancholy and hope are portrayed.

The villain song is represented by “Mother Knows Best”, a sinister tune which begins suspiciously warm and fuzzy before taking a turn towards the end. The looming wickedness comes full circle in its reprise track. Performed by Donna Murphy, this is also a classic Disney villain song which will have listeners rubbing their hands in glee.

The ensemble piece “I’ve Got A Dream” is an enjoyable tune that will have you tapping your feet to the catchy music and humming along with the chorus. This “merry men” song is another testament to Disney’s fine tradition of entertaining our senses. Elsewhere, there is also the obligatory love song “I See the Light” (performed by Moore and Zachary Levi) and a enchanting solo piece “Healing Incantation” which remind us of the good old days of Disney magic.

The score by multi award winning Menken also transports us to a world of action, romance, tension, adventure and enchantment. Brace yourself for an exciting ride with “Flynn Wanted”, be captivated with Rapunzel’s magic powers with “Prologue”, join in the royal celebration with “Kingdom Dance”, be captivated by the passion of love with “Waiting for the Lights” and round up the experience with a grand finale with “The Tear Heals”.

The end credits song “Something That I Want” performed by Grace Potter isn’t anything spectacular, but manages to stay abuzz with its lively melody.

If there’s anything we can wish for with Rapunzel’s magic powers, it would be for the songs and score to be recognised with a handful of nominations, and if it’s not too much, an Oscar statuette at next year’s Academy Awards.


Recommended Track: (1) When Will My Life Begin?

Review by John Li

Posted on 1 December 2010


When Will My Life Begin? Performed by Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
When Will My Life Begin? Performed by Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
Mother Knows Best Performed by Donna Murphy as "Mother Gothel"
When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise 2) Performed by Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
I've Got a Dream Performed by Brad Garrett as "Hook-Hand Thug," Jeffrey Tambor as "Big Nose Thug," Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel," Zachary Levi as "Flynn Rider" and Ensemble
Mother Knows Best (Reprise) Performed by Donna Murphy as "Mother Gothel"
I See the Light Performed by Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel" and Zachary Levi as "Flynn Rider"
Healing Incantation Performed by Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
Flynn Wanted Score
Prologue Songs and Score Performed by Donna Murphy as "Mother Gothel" and Delaney Stein as "Young Rapunzel"
Horse with No Rider Score
Escape Route Score
Campfire Score
Kingdom Dance Score
Waiting for the Lights Score
Return to Mother Score
Realization and Escape Score
The Tear Heals Score and Song Performed by Mandy Moore as "Rapunzel"
Kingdom Celebration Score
Something That I Want Performed by Grace Potter



Artistes: Various
Label: Buena Vista Records
Release Date: November 16, 2010