While this reviewer did not grow up watching Walt Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty, he has read enough to know that it is a landmark film which warrants a place in The Legacy Collection, a commemorative album series celebrating the anniversaries of several Disney movies.

This two disc soundtrack celebrates the 55th anniversary of the 1959 animated film directed by Clyde Geronimi, Les Clark, Eric Larson and Wolfgang Reitherman. The score and songs are arrangements or adaptations from the 1890 Sleeping Beauty ballet by Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky – this probably explains why younger listeners may find the music very different from the usual contemporary compositions and pop tunes they hear in modern animated cartoons.

This doesn’t mean that the music isn’t relevant in this day and age. In fact, we should appreciate the nobility and prestige of this timeless classic. Disc One contains 63 minutes of material, presenting the songs and score from the film in the order they appear in the movie. Kicking off the presentation is the familiar “Main Title / Once Upon a Dream / Prologue”, before we hear the Disney Studio Chorus perform “Hail to Princess Aurora”. We are reminded of the Aurora’s beauty and the fairies’ graciousness in the regal “The Gifts of Beauty and Song”. This is before the menace sets in with “Maleficent Appears”, and finally setting the stage for the quest for true love in “True Love Conquers All”. 

Elsewhere, we follow Auroraas she grows up and sings “Do You Hear That? / I Wonder” and everyone’s favourite “An Unusual Prince / Once Upon a Dream”. A light moment is presented as the two rulers croon “Skumps (Drinking Song) / The Royal Argument”. The five minute “Battlewith the Forces of Evil” is magnificently scored, before we are treated to the signature Disney happy ending with “Finale”.

On Disc Two, you get 30 minutes of music. There are some deleted songs and their original demos. “It Happens I Have a Picture” would have been sung by the two kings, while “Riddle Diddle One, Two, Three” was meant as a song performed by the fairies. “Evil – Evil”, was, of course, a tune composed for Maleficent (maybe they could have gotten Angelina Jolie to perform the song in the 2014 live action movie). Four bonus tracks of compositions heard in Disc One round up the soundtrack.

What makes this a must own for Disney fans is also the digibook showcasing gorgeous artwork and liner notes chronicling the history of the music featured in the film.

This soundtrack is a fine illustration of the rich culture behind the countless Auroradolls and merchandise on sale in toy departments around the world. 


Recommended Track: 
(17) Battle with the Forces of Evil – Disc One

Review by John Li


Main Title / Once Upon a Dream / Prologue
Hail to Princess Aurora (performed by Disney Studio Chorus)
The Gifts of Beauty and Song / Maleficent Appears / True Love Conquers All (performed by Disney Studio Chorus)
The Burning of the Spinning Wheels / The Fairies Plan
Maleficent¹s Frustration
A Cottage in the Woods
Do You Hear That? / I Wonder (performed by Mary Costa)
An Unusual Prince / Once Upon a Dream (performed by Mary Costa and Bill Shirley)
Magical House Cleaning / Blue or Pink
A Secret Revealed
Skumps (Drinking Song) / The Royal Argument (performed by Bill Thompson and Taylor Holmes)
12 Prince Phillip Arrives / How to Tell Stefan
13 Aurora¹s Return / Maleficent¹s Evil Spell
14 Poor Aurora / Sleeping Beauty (performed by Disney Studio Chorus)
15 Forbidden Mountain
16 A Fairy Tale Come True
17 Battle with the Forces of Evil
18 Awakening
19 Finale


It Happens I Have a Picture Demo (performed by Hans Conried and Bill Thompson)
It Happens I Have a Picture (performed by Dennis Kyle and Randy Crenshaw)
Riddle, Diddle, One, Two, Three Demo (performed by Verna Felton, Barbara Jo Allen and Coleen Collins)
Riddle, Diddle, One, Two, Three (performed by Cindy Robinson)
Evil - Evil Demo (performed by Hans, Conried and Bill Thompson)
Evil - Evil (performed by Kevin Michael Richardson, Randy Crenshaw and Dennis Kyle)
Sleeping Beauty Overture
Blue Bird / I Wonder Album Version (performed by Mary Costa)
Woodland Symphony / Once Upon a Dream (Album Version) (performed by Mary Costa and Bill Lee)
Love Theme



Label: Walt Disney Records
Release Date: October 7, 2014