THE SMURFS 2 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2013)

Hands up, those who think that this American 3D movie based on The Smurfs comic book series is a critically acclaimed piece of work. No takers? Then how do you explain the success of this sequel which has already earned $307 million worldwide, and has a third film scheduled in July 2015? Just like this soundtrack album featuring music from and inspired by the family comedy, you don’t need to win critics to be a win quick bucks.

The 33 minute album features 10 songs headlined by Britney Spears’ (hey Miley, there was Ms Spears before your “controversial” stage antics) original contribution “Ooh La La”, which was played at the movie’s credits. The synthpop song has a catchy tune, and it reminds us of the good old days when Ms Spears crooned electoronica bubblegum radio friendly hits. This cue kickstarts the CD on a good note, and leaves everyone in a feel good mood.

Following the recommended song is girl group G.R.L,’s “Vacation”, a song which spells g-i-r-l p-o-w-e-r. American hip hop singer and rapper Becky G and pop singer Austin Mahone brings on Magik 2.0, a contemporary take on B.o.B’s hit “Magic”. Elsewhere, OwlCityperforms “Live It Up”, Sophia Black sings “Everything Breaks” and Cady Groves buzzes with “Forget You”.

You’ll probably not search for the connection with the Smurfs with Kiana Brown’s “Hey Chica”, Nelly Furtado and Ace Primo’s “High Life” and Buckwheat Zydeco’s “Tutti Frutti” – songs which would go down well with teenage listeners.

It is not until English band Right Said Fred brings on “I’m Too Smurfy”, a fun take on their own 2007 song “I’m Too Sexy”, when you realise there is some smurf-iness in this album yet. The song recorded for World Smurfs Day is an apt closure to this commercial compilation of songs.  


Recommended Track: (1) 
Ooh La La – Britney Spears

Review by John Li


Ooh La La - Britney Spears
Vacation- G.R.L.
Magik 2.0 - Becky G (featuring Austin Mahone)
Live It Up - Owl City
Everything Breaks - Sophia Black
Forget You - Cady Groves
Hey Chica - Kiana Brown
High Life - Nelly Furtado (featuring Ace Primo)
Tutti Frutti - Buckwheat Zydeco
I'm Too Smurfy - Right Said Fred


Artistes: Various
Label: Sony Music
Release Date: July 23, 2013